computer BSOD's on me CONSTANTLY

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by tednelson83, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. tednelson83

    tednelson83 Guest

    i am so sick of this thing. i cant figure out what is wrong with it
    either. my computer dies on me constantly, it has done it to me 3 times
    just in the last 24 hours. my reliability index id down to a 2.60, and
    shows a windows failure almost every day since 6/25/08 when i last wiped
    it. i have tried every thing i can think of to solve this problem and i
    am getting really tempted to throw the damn thing out the window! it is
    set up as my media center/dvr and so it runs 24/7 save for the constant
    reboot times. the last time it died(about 5 minutes ago) i was just
    reading a webpage. it doesn't matter what I'm doing with it, it will
    just randomly and with out warning throw a blue screen at me. anyone
    seen this? any suggestions? this thing is REALLY pissing me off!
    tednelson83, Sep 8, 2008
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  2. You have a driver or hardware fault..

    Mike Hall - MVP
    How to construct a good post..
    How to use the Microsoft Product Support Newsgroups..
    Mike's Window - My Blog..
    Mike Hall - MVP, Sep 8, 2008
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  3. tednelson83

    tednelson83 Guest

    ok... so how do i find out witch one? all drivers were the latest pulle
    off the internet at the time of the install, and have all been checke
    for newer updates. all are up to date. hardware, i haven't had thes
    problems in the past, ant there are no indications that any thing i
    failing,so how do you narrow it down. that was a awfully vague reply
    tednelson83, Sep 8, 2008
  4. I think Mike's crystal ball is at the cleaners.
    Paul Montgomery, Sep 8, 2008
  5. Maybe if you posted the complete and accurate text in the blue screen???
    Richard Urban, Sep 8, 2008
  6. tednelson83

    Mark H Guest

  7. tednelson83

    tanuj_chadha Guest

    Go into system properties, then go into settings (the 3rd one) under th
    advanced tab & uncheck the option which would state as automaticall
    restart. & then note down the blue screen error message. And post i
    over here. And in the meanwhile you can also try to run some diags o
    the memory & the hard drive of the system



    History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. - Kar
    Marx :geek:
    tanuj_chadha, Sep 8, 2008
  8. tednelson83

    tednelson83 Guest

    ok, very informative articles, i will have to read them over when i ge
    home! question, is there any record of these stop error codes that i
    kept on the computer, or do i need to wait untill the next one
    tednelson83, Sep 8, 2008
  9. tednelson83

    Megabyte Guest

    Usually there's an event logged in Event Viewer. Look under "System" at or
    around the time of the last known crash.

    Megabyte, Sep 9, 2008
  10. tednelson83

    Rick Rogers Guest

    Hi tednelson83,

    A driver fault or hardware component failing is the most likely cause, but
    details are needed to diagnose the problem. Go to the Control Panel/System
    and open the advanced system properties from the left column. On the
    advanced tab, click the startup and recovery settings. Set the failure to
    create a minidump file (small memory dump), and uncheck the line to restart
    automatically on system failure. Apply/ok your way out.

    Next time it happens, jot down the text of the error screen before
    restarting it. Mainly the error codes and types. Once restarted, open
    Windows Explorer to C:\Windows\Minidump (this is a hidden system folder, so
    set folder options accordingly) and send the most recently created file to
    me via email. Use a subject line of 'per req' to get past filters (or I
    won't see it at all) and send to rick_at_mvps_dot_org. I'll see if there's
    anything in there to identify the culprit.
    Rick Rogers, Sep 9, 2008

  11. No indications of anything failing other than BSOD's? That is as good an
    indication as any..

    Try this

    Control Panel > Performance Monitor > Advanced Tools > Generate a System
    Health Report..

    Mike Hall - MVP
    How to construct a good post..
    How to use the Microsoft Product Support Newsgroups..
    Mike's Window - My Blog..
    Mike Hall - MVP, Sep 9, 2008
  12. tednelson83

    Phillips Guest

    Generate a system health report. Type: "perfmon /report" in Search... it'll
    take a minute. See what's at fault... hopefully :)
    Phillips, Sep 10, 2008
  13. tednelson83

    Anthony Guest

    I have a HP dv9420us notebook with the HP analog express TV tuner and am
    running Vista Home Premium 64. I would like to put it to sleep and let it
    wake to record and then go back to sleep. But for some reason when it wakes
    to record it blue screens on me. Usually at night while I'm asleep at night
    or am away (I don't usually sit and watch it sleep) When I log on I get a
    message telling me that it blue screened. Any way, I have tried updating the
    drivers with no success. Iv looked in the performance monitor and the errors
    are all listed as application or OS errors, there are no errors listed for
    hardware. I hope its not hardware, My system has been back to the factory 4
    times for repairs....It was completely replaced once.
    Anthony, Sep 10, 2008
  14. tednelson83

    tednelson83 Guest

    ok, the health report just indicated that one of my hard drives wa
    full, which was expected, as thats my DVR drive. i read through the inf
    provided above, and a lot of it pointed to memory issues, so i swappe
    the ram around, and shut off the asus 10% overclock thing in the bios

    what i found interesting while reading the articles in the MS knowledg
    base that pertained to my errors, is were related to systems that 4G
    ram, as does mine. however it stated that the fix was to install SP1
    and i had installed that when i reinstalled vista, at the same time as
    got all the other updates
    tednelson83, Sep 10, 2008
  15. tednelson83

    Mark H Guest

    To date, you still have not listed a single error message.
    You did finally mention two specs: Using ASUS 10% overclock and 4GB memory.
    Most boards don't actually do well with the "auto-overclock" feature set
    above 8%. And, any overclocking immediately brings into question heat
    dissipation and hardware?

    Is this Vista x86, or x64?
    Do you have memory hole remapping enabled?
    Are all sticks of memory the same?
    This are the first questions that pop-up related to 4GB memory.

    What speed are they rated?
    Have you run any diagnostic on the memory?
    What's the core temp running? Idle? Loaded?
    How big is your power supply? What graphics card are you using?
    As soon as you say overclocking, that's the direction I would start

    Providing some basic information, as previously requested would go a long
    way in helping you. Until then, what exactly are you expecting us to help
    you with?
    Mark H, Sep 10, 2008
  16. tednelson83

    Phillips Guest

    I doubt SP1 has a real fix for the 4GB issue cause that is a physicsal x86
    memory registers limitation - very roughly, 32-bit CPU can use/address max
    3.2GB RAM. Nothing can be done here except move to a 64-bit CPU.

    What SP1 does is to show (pending mobo BIOS) system RAM instead of Vista
    available RAM (4GB vs 3.2GB) but the x86 CPU cannot use more than 3.2 GB -
    of which, anyways, some is reserved for hardware: graphics, sound.

    At this moment, I would test the RAM - either Memtest86 or Vista's own

    Phillips, Sep 10, 2008
  17. tednelson83

    Rick Rogers Guest


    Does it blue screen if you just leave it on and let it record? If not, then
    the problem lies in the drivers supporting the tuner card. They apparently
    don't support the sleep mode. Until the manufacturer of the tuner updates
    them, there won't be much you can do.
    Rick Rogers, Sep 11, 2008
  18. tednelson83

    Ian D Guest

    A full 4GB of address space can be addressed by a 32 bit CPU. Some of
    this address space is reserved for hardware and video card addressing, so
    those addresses are not available to RAM. The available RAM varies
    from approx 3.0 GB to 3.5 GB depending mainly on the amount of video
    card memory.

    The 4 GB issue mentioned by the OP is not related to this. It is in
    to pre SP1 stability issues, (Stop errors), in both 32 and 64 bit Vista when
    4 GB of RAM is installed. This issue was limited to specific chipsets.
    Ian D, Sep 11, 2008
  19. tednelson83

    Phillips Guest

    Thank you for clarifying the issue,

    Phillips, Sep 11, 2008
  20. tednelson83

    Aqunard Guest

    I really appreciate your help with my problem. I was wondering if it is a
    driver problem with the particular tuner if using a different tuner might
    work....I also have two panicle usb tuners I can try. Thanks again.
    Aqunard, Sep 11, 2008
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