concern about H-P tech advice about Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by terrypcarter, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Took awhile for me to repsond to the thread. I hope it does help some
    looking for a solution. I had no idea that a SATA drive could be set as IDE
    in the BIOS (for some reason in this HP the SATA drive is actually set to
    "RAID" in the BIOS).

    Although I downgraded to XP, I kept the orignal hard disk with Vista on it.
    Since the release of Vista SP1, I've gone back to using Vista.
    Pete Stavrakoglou, Mar 20, 2008
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  2. terrypcarter

    terrypcarter Guest

    On advice late last week from my latest best friend with HP in India, I
    waited a few days and, voila, a spaceship landed on Earth and delivered
    links to Service Pack 1 for Vista. I partook of the offering.
    With crossed fingers knocking on wood, I've added the dreaded scanner
    -- first getting proper Vista drivers from Canon -- and Vista told me
    during installation that it thought the scanner was quite handsome and
    welcomed into the family.
    So far, so good. No blue screens. (Hate writing that because it might
    trigger one.)
    After a few days, I'll start adding other peripherals such as the web
    cam and MP3 player and so on. That way, I have a decent chance of which
    new family member rubs Vista the wrong way.
    terrypcarter, Mar 20, 2008
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