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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by Craig Brewer, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Craig Brewer

    Craig Brewer Guest

    The follow is from Microsoft Windows Mail Help and Support Section:

    When setting up an e-mail account in Windows Mail, you'll be asked to select
    the type of e-mail server your account uses. Windows Mail supports the
    following e-mail server types.

    a.. Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) servers hold incoming e-mail messages
    until you check your e-mail, at which point they're transferred to your
    computer. POP3 is the most common account type for personal e-mail. Messages
    are typically deleted from the server when you check your e-mail.

    b.. Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) servers let you work with
    e-mail messages without downloading them to your computer first. You can
    preview, delete, and organize messages directly on the e-mail server, and
    copies are stored on the server until you choose to delete them. IMAP is
    commonly used for business e-mail accounts.

    c.. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) servers handle the sending of
    your e-mail messages to the Internet. The SMTP server handles outgoing
    e-mail, and is used in conjunction with a POP3 or IMAP incoming e-mail

    a.. If you're not sure which type of e-mail server your account uses,
    check with your e-mail provider or Internet service provider (ISP).

    a.. Windows Mail also supports additional server types: Network News
    Transfer Protocol (NNTP), which is used to read and post newsgroup messages,
    and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), which is used to access
    directory services.

    a.. Windows Mail does not support the HTTP:// protocol, which was used by
    Outlook Express to access Hotmail and other web-based e-mail services. For
    more information about accessing web-based e-mail, visit the Microsoft

    Here's my quick overview of what was said in the above help section. You
    might want to make sure you have set-up your email account(s) and if so then
    you might want to make sure that you have entered entered the outgoing and
    incoming setting correctly as well. You can find these options by clicking
    Tools then click Accounts then selecting the mail account you're having the
    problem then click properties then click the Servers tab. In the servers
    tab you will find your user name, password, POP3 settings, and also a few
    other things your ISP may require when getting email. If you're unsure of
    what your ISP (Internet Service Provider) requires for these options, you
    might want to call your ISP's tech support to walk you through the steps to
    set-up your email account(s).

    Hope this helps.


    Craig Brewer, Sep 24, 2007
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