Connected to Network, but Showing NOT Connected

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by Matthew Mailey, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. This is a weird issue from a client's laptop running Vista Business (not sure
    of the make or model at the moment).

    The system is connected to the internet - and will do so via Network cable
    or Wireless - but the connection center insists that the system is NOT
    connected to the network or Internet.

    I can get online, use network resources (peer-to-peer, not domain), and have
    logged onto the system remotely (LogMeIn Rescue), and there is absolutely no
    trouble. However, the system seems to think it is not connected to
    LAN/Wireless Network.

    As I mentioned this is not causing any "practical" problems, but it
    certainly is puzzling why the laptop doesn't think it is connected.
    Matthew Mailey, Apr 3, 2008
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  2. In most cases, press F5 (refresh) will show the good connection. Is this not
    your case?

    Bob Lin, MS-MVP, MCSE & CNE
    Networking, Internet, Routing, VPN Troubleshooting on
    How to Setup Windows, Network, VPN & Remote Access on
    Robert L. \(MS-MVP\), Apr 3, 2008
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  3. Matthew Mailey

    zipjd Guest

    I have similar problem. Prior to installing SP-1 on Vista Ultimate last
    evening, I had no problem at my office that has a LAN T-1 connection
    ( and a wireless router that only connects to my printer/scanner
    ( I could be connected to both simultaneously and use internet
    while printing and scanning. Today, internet will only work on LAN if I turn
    off the wireless connection to my printer/scanner.

    After playing with some settings, can finally use both but LAN appears to be
    offline. this is very unnerving.
    zipjd, Apr 6, 2008
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