Connecting VPC VM to internet

Discussion in 'Virtual PC' started by dubya, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. dubya

    dubya Guest

    FWIW. I've seen a lot of posts around the net about problems connecting VMs
    to the net; here's my experience.

    have an older (2006) laptop with xp sp 2. had a bunch of vms on it using
    VPC 2007. used to take it around to use in classes, bring it home plug it
    into a switch and, when I wanted to go on the net, it would simply connect
    using ICS running on the home desktop that was also plugged into the switch.
    The virtual machines would also connect with nary a hiccup as long as one of
    the adapters in the vm settings was the host machine's adapter.

    I started using the laptop all the time. installed sp3. then decided I
    wanted to connect to the net with an xp vm. no joy. there was no adapter
    setting that would work.

    decided it was comcast. it is always comcast, btw. nonetheless, i wasted a
    day and a half researching the issue - got nothing. then wasted another
    quarter day confirming my suspicion - the cable modem config would pick up a
    different MAC address from a VM with the NIC set to the host machine's NIC,
    no matter what I did, even if i set up Internet Connection Sharing on the
    host. fifty bucks a month and cannot make two connections with one

    anyway, long story short, the only way i could connect a VM to the net from
    the laptop plugged directly into the cable modem was to set the host to ICS,
    and set one of the guest's adapters to "Shared Networking (NAT)" AND change
    the VM's MAC address (in the .vmc file) to the same address as the host's
    nic. I got a MAC address conflict error when starting the VM, but the
    conflict didn't affect anything.

    It seemed to me this should work with ICS set on the host without any
    further screwing around, but VPC seems to access the NIC directly and
    transmit it's own mac address to the cable modem --- which, of course, means
    comcast will reject the connection.

    So final config in short: ICS on the host. The .vmc file edited in notepad
    to show the same MAC address as the host. In VPC settings for the guest,
    "Shared Networking (NAT)". That worked.

    Next is to remove ICS from the host to see what happens. BTW in SP3
    microsoft provides a "Wizard" with four or five useless steps to start ICS.
    MSFT seems to have moved into terminal stupidity. The inertia developed by
    their enormous size will keep them going for a while, but they're done. I'm
    67 and do not want to learn a bunch of commands that use syntax developed by
    dweebs in their parent's cellars, hence this and not Linux.

    Happy end to NNTP to all! Happy embrace of an inferior solution!

    dubya, Aug 23, 2010
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  2. dubya

    Robert Comer Guest


    It should work without ICS on the host if the VM is set to shared
    networking, and you really shouldn't have to change the MAC address of the
    VM -- but I know things can get weird sometimes with certain NIC/driver
    combinations on the host.
    Robert Comer, Aug 23, 2010
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  3. dubya

    dubya Guest

    That's what I thought. But it didn't. And it didn't... and it didn't.
    Changing the MAC address was the last resort. ICS was the next to last
    resort. I thought for sure that if ICS was set on the host, the guest
    acessing the host NIC would get the host MAC addy. But apparently not. And
    it's just a standard mid level toshiba laptop with the standard Intel
    network connection equipment. VP 2007 is updated completely, including the
    hotfix supposed to address XP SP3 problems.

    dubya, Aug 23, 2010
  4. dubya

    Robert Comer Guest

    I thought for sure that if ICS was set on the host, the guest
    I really don't have any experience with ICS though, as I've never
    needed it, so I can't really comment on that.

    The easiest thing to make sure you don't have a problem like that
    would be to get a router -- it could be set to clone your PC's mac
    address on most I've seen.

    It sounds like Comcast in your area has more checking than they do
    here, but it's definitely the way they've been going. :(
    Robert Comer, Aug 23, 2010
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