Contact name lookup broken after ActiveSync: 'Subject' name order

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by Durf, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Durf

    Durf Guest


    Summary: Client cannot look up names by First Name from the Outlook Address
    Book after touching/editing/sending email from a Contact in WM.

    After using a Contact to send email in WM and then syncing, my client
    notices they cannot click the To: button in a new Outlook email and use the
    Address Book search popup to search by First Name. All fields were otherwise
    correct except with the addition of 'United States of America' to the Country
    field of every address that was touched on the device.

    Checking the File As, Fullname and Display Name fields revealed no issues;
    however, the Subject field is apparently also used to store the name on an
    Outlook contact, and this for some reason is what the Address Book uses to
    search on. Whenever a Contact on this device is edited or used to send
    email, the Subject field is rewritten "Lastname, Firstname", but none of the
    others are.

    I have demonstrated to the client that pressing alt-K in the typeahead field
    will still resolve correctly, but he is bothered by the issue and would like
    an explanation. Why is the Subject field name order incorrect, and why is
    "United States of America" added to every contact that has been used, and how
    can this be prevented?

    WM6.1, Motorola Q9C, Exchange 2003 SP2, Outlook 2003 SP3, Verizon carrier.

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    Durf, Jun 22, 2009
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  2. Durf

    Durf Guest

    That was actually the case with this user - verizon sync was used for a
    couple days until we got a compatible certificate.

    So any resolution? The sync software is no longer in use. I gather the
    idea would be to do an import/export from outlook and clean the data, but
    how? I mean I know how, but what exactly needs to be cleaned up, if you
    happen to know?


    Durf, Jul 2, 2009
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