Contact Objects in users container prevent Exchange 2003 Migration

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by ScottGinDC, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. ScottGinDC

    ScottGinDC Guest

    We migrated from NT40 to AD2000 about a year ago. Half-way through the first
    attempt we had to role the migration back (we had selected a single name
    domain foo instead of foo.local-don't do that) to its origianl state. Users
    were migrated along with most servers but the roll-back appeared to work.

    Our second attempt at the migration went smoothly, so we thought. The user
    accounts involved in the migration now have a "Contact" in the users
    container. We just assumed it was there as a placeholder for Exch5.5 and the
    ADC so we didn't think much of them.

    This weekend we tried to migrate to Echange 2003. We followed the steps to
    the letter but, when moving mailboxes, only new users moved. Users from the
    AD migration failed. It seems the Exchange is trying to use the contact
    instead of the user account for the move. We've rolled back the Exchange
    2003 migration and are now back to square one.

    What are theses conatiners? How do I get rid of them (if I delete them, the
    mailbox in Exchange5.5 is deleted so that's not an option)? Has anyone run
    into this?

    ScottGinDC, Oct 11, 2004
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  2. Hello Scott,
    For best support an assistance please post this into the exchange groups as
    well. Try remove exchange attributes from the contact objects.

    Christoffer Andersson
    Microsoft MVP - Directory Services

    No email replies please - reply in the newsgroup
    Chriss3 [MVP], Oct 11, 2004
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