Control Pannel Problem

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by PGP Protector, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. I tried posting this in the Windows Update section, and haven't found a
    solution yet.

    Ok I've got a strange update problem.

    Clean install on a HP Pavilion ZV6000 AMD 64 3200 1.5G Ram 40G hardrive.

    Trying to Test vista out right now.

    Vista will download and install the updates on shutdown, but I can't check /
    see the updates menu.

    If I go to Control Panel / System & Maintenance / Windows Update. All I see
    is a refresh Icon, a green box / checkmark & two question mark icons. No
    Text is visible.

    The updates appear to download, but I can't see any text in the Windows
    Update page. (Other control panel pages I can see the text though)

    Anyone ever see (or not see ;) ) this problem ?

    And anyone know the solution to it ?

    Really trying to test it out fully before I wipe my main HD for the actual
    install on this laptop.

    You can see what the control panel looks like at this link
    PGP Protector, Jul 12, 2007
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