Controlling Internet Download Volume on Home Network

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by Garij, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Garij

    Garij Guest

    I am looking fo a solution for my home network.

    I have a wireless network with 3 PC's and an XBOX360 attached.

    My ISP provides me with a fast 10Mbit cable network that has a 10Gb monthly
    data volume limit, after which I am throttled back to 64Kb/sec for the rest
    of the month.

    2 of the networked PC's belong to my teenage children and monthly data usage
    has gone through the roof since they started using MySpace and YouTube (go
    figure). Mainly becuase of the access to video content from firends etc.

    Where as previously we had an average monthly use of 3-4Gb, we're now
    getting up over 8-9Gb each month.

    Rather than increase my plan - for which I'd pay a chunk more money for only
    a small increase in data per month and would have to sign up to a 24 month
    plan, I'd like to find a way to allocate a data volume/limit/allowance to
    each of my children on a monthly/weekly basis.

    I have a DLink entwork that is firewallled and Windows Vista on (Home
    Premium) on each PC and installed Norton 360 on all of them and am happy that
    unwanted content is blocked sufficiently.

    I know I could use Windows Vista Account Controls to limit the times my kids
    get access to the internet and to limit the sites they visit or to limit
    downloads all together and I can do the same using the software on my
    Wireless Router but what I really want to do is allocate a data
    limit/allowance so that my children (and I) can download what we want
    (subject to the security/parental conent controls we've already set). That
    way, my children begin learn the value of what they have access to and can
    take some control over what they download based on it's imprtance to them.
    I'd rather they had the choice to use or save their "allocation" base don
    their own needs.

    It would be great to be able to set that weekly so that if they "blow the
    allowance" they don't have to wait a monmth to get it back and I can monitor
    it weekly/monthly and adjust our overall needs accordingly.

    I am happy to consider purchasing a utility/application to help manage this
    if that's the only way to do it but it would be great if Windows Account
    Control or a Windows Network utility could provide that level of control.

    Any ideas/suggestions?
    Garij, Sep 22, 2007
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