Cool: Windows is Cheaper, Windows is Secure

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Les Connor, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. Les Connor

    Les Connor Guest

    Thanks for the clarification, Jack and Ronald.

    Most of us don't know an awful lot about linux, as this is an SBS technical
    forum. But your participation in the SBS community is welcome.
    Les Connor, Nov 4, 2004
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  2. Susan Bradley, CPA aka Ebitz - SBS Rocks [MVP], Nov 4, 2004
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  3. Well is official Mr. Balmer says so...You may have seen a letter from Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, which was
    sent to all Windows customers in an attempt to slow the flood of migration
    to Linux. Novell would like to make you aware that the points made by Mr.
    Ballmer in that letter include only those statements in its paid studies
    that reflect most positively on Microsoft when comparing their products to

    We'd like to share some additional facts with you that will shed some light
    on the bigger picture.

    Total Cost of Ownership

    Mr. Ballmer quotes selectively from Windows-favorable comments in a Yankee
    Group report ("Linux, UNIX and Windows TCO Comparison"). However - that's
    not the whole story. That same report also states the following:
    a.. "...corporate customers report Linux provides businesses with
    excellent performance, reliability, ease of use and security. Yes, Linux is
    a viable alternative to UNIX and Windows. In addition, Linux is the most
    serious competition to Microsoft's dominance in the server operating system
    market to date."
    b.. "The ability to modify and customize the Linux source code affords
    customers the most intriguing possibilities for custom application
    development. This ability stands in stark contrast to the closed or
    proprietary nature of the Windows operating system.
    c.. "In summary, the Yankee Group's TCO survey found that Linux does offer
    compelling cost savings, economies of scale and technical advantages, as
    many a satisfied user will attest."

    Mr. Ballmer brings up the issue of security, which understandably is much on
    his mind. He cites Microsoft's recent investments in security research,
    process improvements, and customer education, and boasts of Microsoft's
    structured software engineering process that is designed to make software
    more secure.

    The truth is, Open Source uses a structured process, but it is definitely
    different from the one Microsoft utilizes. And to tell the truth, it seems
    to be working much better.

    Evans Data Corporation, in their Linux Development Survey dated Summer, 2004
    a.. Ninety two percent of survey respondents indicated that their Linux
    systems have never been infected with a virus. Fewer than 7% said that
    they'd been the victims of three of more hacker intrusions.
    b.. On the other hand, the process Microsoft utilizes clearly has been
    inadequate at protecting its customers from costly malicious attacks.
    For example, two weeks ago Microsoft released a mammoth patch pack to
    address more than 20 vulnerabilities, most of them critical. Several of
    them, in Excel, Internet Explorer, and Exchange, could enable mass automated
    worm attacks.

    In a story that appeared in Computer Business Review Online, Drew Copley,
    senior research engineer at eEye Digital Security Inc, said that it took
    Microsoft 71 days to patch the Zip problem after being notified, but another
    vulnerability, a less-severe privilege escalation problem in Windows, took
    the firm 408 days to issue a patch for, though it was "stealth-patched" in
    XP SP2.

    "They can do better than that in my opinion. Even when they are fast there
    are often variants out by the time the patch comes out," he said. "I think
    that's a very important criticism to make."


    Mr. Ballmer claims that it is rare for open source software to provide
    customers with any indemnification at all. The NovellĀ® Linux Indemnification
    Program has been in place for quite some time. It offers indemnification for
    copyright infringement claims made by third parties against registered
    Novell customers. Novell has also placed its considerable patent portfolio
    squarely behind its customers, to defend against those who might assert
    patents against open source products marketed, sold or supported by Novell.

    For more information on the indemnification program, see Read Novell's patent policy here:

    Bottom Line

    Linux can deliver a lower TCO, it is arguably more secure than Windows, and
    the combination of Novell's patent policies and the indemnification program
    offers for its open source products provides protection for customers who
    wish to make the leap to Linux. We invite you to read the full reports for
    yourself, and see why Linux is gaining more and more fans every day.

    Linux is the fastest growing operating system, used from desktops to the
    most demanding data centers. According to IDC reports, Linux enjoyed
    year-to-year growth of nearly 50% in 2003. By 2007, they estimate that 30%
    of all servers will run Linux, and they project a 44% compound annual growth
    rate in Linux desktops.

    According to an Information Week survey, Linux is now the dominant
    manifestation of open source. Nearly 70 percent of 420 business-technology
    professionals surveyed already use the operating system. Three-quarters of
    those using Linux on some of their companies' servers chose it for its
    performance capabilities and reliability.

    If the world were as Microsoft states, Linux would not be the world's
    fastest growing operating system, ISVs would not be writing to it in ever
    increasing numbers, partners would not be looking to sell it, and Microsoft
    would not have put a revenue caution related to Linux in their latest SEC
    filing. These, however, are the true facts.

    This information and much more is available on our website at We encourage you to examine the facts in
    their entirety and see if Linux is right for you and your customer's

    Jack Messman
    Ronald W. Hovsepian
    Competition is good ??, Nov 4, 2004
  4. Les Connor

    Simon Guest

    Don't think he was here in the 1st place !!
    I suspect its posted by a Novell fan !!!

    I'm NOT an IT guy - just a user with several offices and a number of staff
    to look after / provide for
    Mind you after 2 days of pi**ing about by a Microsoft Partner to put a 5
    system in place at a small office I for one will be looking at the

    The tech guy at our head office gave me some answers that our MCSE local
    dealer/MS partner
    couldn't answer!! The MCSE hasn't got a clue - tried to fob me off when he
    couldn't make things work
    (see my post about MS Cockup == I don't know where the E comes from in

    1st Think tomorrow - I will be contacting Microsoft to lodge an official

    Having just got home 11:20pm - I put the Novell BranchOffice Applience CD
    given to me by our head office IT chap
    I put this in a PC, answered 3 simple questions (one was a bit complicated
    something about IP address!!!)
    ....... and went to get something to eat.

    On my return - I confirmed REBOOT and guess what a local server that talks
    to our head office
    Look no hands!! or technical experties
    Simon, Nov 5, 2004
  5. And your error sounds more like an hardware issue which can happen on
    any platform.

    There are good partners and bad partners in any platform and having a
    MCSE does NOT in no way shape or form mean that you know what you are
    doing in SBS.

    How many SBS installs have they done is the better question to ask.

    Don't judge the platform by the manner in which it was installed.
    Susan Bradley, CPA aka Ebitz - SBS Rocks [MVP], Nov 5, 2004
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