Copy from network share hangs, can't cancel, can't shutdown.......

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Scott Roberts, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. I bought a new laptop a couple of months ago with Vista on it (HP Pavilion
    dv9500). I connect to our company network via a VPN over broadband internet

    Everything works fine, except when I try to copy large(ish) files from a
    network share. Inevitably, the copy operation hangs (no error, but progress
    stops - for hours). Eventually, I attempt to cancel the copy operation. The
    copy dialog changes to "Canceling...", but never goes away. I try to close
    the dialog or cancel a second time and I get "Canceling... (Not Responding)"
    in the title bar. As I type this, it's been sitting there for about 3 hours

    So I can't copy and I can't cancel. What's left to do? Restart the machine.
    When I try to restart, it gets to the "Windows is shutting down..." message
    then ... you guessed it .... hangs. Nothing ever happens. Ever. I have to
    press and hold the power button to get the darn thing to turn off. Then, of
    course, when I reboot I get warnings about not properly shutting down.

    Anyone else experience this? Is this a known problem? I've read a lot about
    slow copying, but haven't seen anything about this specific problem.

    Any info is greatly appreciated.
    Scott Roberts, Dec 11, 2007
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  2. Scott Roberts

    Quaoar Guest

    I would first run chkdsk /f from a command prompt. You will be noticed
    that the disk cannot be locked, do you want to run on the next reboot.
    Type: Y or y to this prompt. Reboot.

    Try your file transfer again.

    Also, note that many, if not all, broadband ISPs are controlling large
    file transfers by examining packets to/from your IP address. This might
    be compromising your large file transfers. BTW, how large are the files
    that hang?

    OTOH, your work servers might have software that prohibits, or
    interrupts, large file transfers to offsite computers to prevent loss of
    important data. You might ask your company's computer specialists about
    this problem.

    Quaoar, Dec 12, 2007
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  3. Thanks for the response.

    I guess the point is that there should be no way that the OS hangs, won't
    cancel the transfer, won't close the window, and ultimately won't shutdown.
    Even if my ISP were blocking large file transfers (they're not, I can FTP
    the files fine) or if my work were blocking it (they're not, I can copy them
    onto my XP machine) it still doesn't make sense that the copy operation
    would hang like that.

    I'll look into chkdsk, but I'd be surprised if my drive has errors since a)
    it's a new machine and b) this is really the only "problem" I'm

    Thanks again for your response.
    Scott Roberts, Dec 12, 2007
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