Copying music purchased from msn music

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by bumstead, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. bumstead

    bumstead Guest

    I downloaded quite a few songs from the store with the intention of copying
    them to a cd to play in my cars using the wma format. All the songs I
    purchased had drm. When I burn the songs I want, the ones that said yes
    under protection copied on the disk and will play on my computer. They will
    not play in either of my cars even though the ones that didn't have drm
    played fine.
    The license for these tunes said I could burn the tunes and use them for
    personal use.
    Did I do something wrong when I burned them or did I waste my money buying
    and downloading this music?
    bumstead, Sep 9, 2006
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  2. Are you burning a Data CD or an Audio CD in the burn settings ?

    Have a look at the manual for the car CD player, and see if it *can*
    play WMA files on a CD : Quite a lot of car players might not handle
    WMA files at all

    For your application, I'd stick to audio CD (though you'll only be
    able to get about 10-15 tracks on instead of 70-80 tracks with a data

    Cheers - Neil
    Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media], Sep 10, 2006
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  3. Yes, I am afraid you did waste your money if you were expecting CD quality
    from a WMA with DRM. It is true the WMA is lossless and gives you CD quality
    audio from the Media Player, but don't expect that file to be converted to
    CDA without some quality removed. This is by design since some concessions
    had to be made with the Media Corporations to allow downloadable music.

    Older versions of media player did allow for adjusting the burn quality, but
    the more recent versions have removed that "feature". Unfortunatly the
    default is a very low quality conversion.

    I am in the same boat. I purchased hundreds of dollars worth of WMA
    downloads from with the understanding that I could make up to 10
    CD burns. When I finally got around to making my first CD I realized they got
    me. I get to enjoy my wonderful download library from my computer; until my
    hard drive crashes. Missery sure loves company, I really feel alot better
    now. Thanks.

    Willingtopayformusic, Mar 3, 2007
  4. bumstead

    Dale Guest


    What happened when you called MSN Music? Were they able to offer you any
    support for how to get your files to work as promised?

    Oh wait. MSN Music is defunct and out of business. That ought to tell you
    something about the risks of buying music online from any source even the
    largest software company in the world. If Microsoft can't be counted on to
    stick around long enough to ensure you have the promised access to your
    media, then who else could you count on? Obviously no one.

    Buy CDs. Rip them to MP3. Stay away from P2P and from DRM.

    Dale, Mar 3, 2007

  5. I've not been able to find out where that design decision is
    documented. Can you help me out on that ?

    In WMP11, you still can burn a purely audio CD. Perhaps you're
    confused about the options available. Under the Burn tab is a small
    drop down arrow. Click that and choose More Options.

    Now, you can see "Audio CDs" and "Data CDs" sections. It's obvious
    that there's no option under Data CDs for lossless audio tracks, since
    you may as well create an Audio CD and be done with it.

    The maximum bitrate shown there is 192kbps, and that'll be WMA format.
    AFAIK that was the maximum for all previous versions of WMP that could
    burn CDs (I can check if you prefer, I have all versions apart from
    WMP8 here to test).

    So - instead, you would choose in your case to burn an Audio CD.
    There's no possibility to compare the quality to anything else here,
    since that by definition is uncompressed audio. WMA Lossless can
    recreate a 100% exact copy of the original uncompressed audio (while
    saving between 15-45% of the original file size).

    So if your assertion is correct, you know documented evidence to prove
    that the lossless conversion is internally degraded in WMP when
    creating uncompressed Audio CDs from WMA Lossless audio files.

    Please can you post that link ?

    Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media], Mar 3, 2007
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