corefoundation.dll missing

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Sassy, May 8, 2010.

  1. Sassy

    Sassy Guest

    I keep getting the message that I need to reinstall CoreFoundation.dll. I
    found some advice on the internet that suggested I go to My Computer, then
    local disk (C:)/ProgramFiles/CommonFiles/Apple/AppleApplicationSupport then
    right-click on SQLite3.dll file and select copy then go to the Apple Folder
    then select Mobile Device Support then right-click on the window (not on the
    files in that folder) and select paste to add that in the folder. This did
    not work. Can someone advise me. Thanks
    Sassy, May 8, 2010
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  2. How does your question pertain to Windows Update functionality?
    PA Bear [MS MVP], May 8, 2010
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  3. Sassy


    Jul 18, 2011
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    I know that CoreFoundation.dll error message was posted on 05-07-2010 but I have recently face this error message and make search over the net. I have found the best solution and posted here as well so that others can resolve this error from this forum.

    Here is the solution to fix CoreFoundation.dll error message:

    Click on the link provided below to download CoreFoundation.dll file and follow the steps given here.

    Go to dllcentral . com and make a search with CoreFoundation.dll from the search box.

    Now click on the CoreFoundation.dll file link and download this file.

    Step1: Copy the downloaded file and paste it at the following location.
    If you running a 32 bit OS, path will be
    C: / Windows / System32
    And If you running a 64 bit OS, path will be
    C: / Windows / SysWOW64
    Note: C: It is the drive in which your windows is installed.
    Step 2: After copy the file there, restart your windows.
    Mary.farmer99, Jul 18, 2011
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