Correct 5-CAL for SBS 2003 when upgrading SBS 4.5

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Kheong, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Kheong

    Kheong Guest

    I'm wondering if you can help to determine if this is the right product.

    My old server is SBS 4.5 with 10-CAL (5 initial + 5 add-on).

    I've bought a HP Proliant server that comes bundled with SBS 2003 Standard R2.

    I need to get an additional 5 CAL.

    Is the 5-Pack VUP CAL (SKU = T74-01215) the correct product? I'm worried

    1) It's not R2
    2) I'm migrating from 4.5 to 2003 on a new server, not upgrading an existing
    3) My HP SBS 2003 is an OEM version whereas my old SBS 4.5 is a retail

    Also I've been told that I can't get a refund if I purchase the wrong product.

    I'd appreciate it very much if you can assist.


    Kheong, Jan 17, 2007
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  2. Looks to be the right version. See below for more info.
    Not an issue. There was no change of CALs when SBS2003 moved to R2.
    According to this:

    "If your existing server is running Small Business Server ... 4.5 ... you can
    purchase the Version Upgrade Edition in order to either upgrade or _migrate_
    your server to Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2."
    The text quoted above refers to the SBS license. It seems to me that if
    Microsoft is OK with you purchasing the VUE for the server, they should be OK
    with doing the same for CALs.

    At the same time, the text says "can" not "must" purchase the VUE. So I see no
    reason an OEM license would be a problem on the R2 server. But I would not bet
    a million dollars on that; Microsoft licensing can be difficult to decipher.

    Don't forget the OEM server license lives and dies with the HP hardware - it
    cannot be moved to another box.
    If you have *any* doubts, you should contact Microsoft Licensing for your area
    and make absolutely sure the VUP CALs are OK in this scenario.

    -- Owen Williams [SBS MVP]
    Owen Williams [SBS MVP], Jan 17, 2007
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