Corrupt File, please run Chkdsk Utility popup

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by louieville123, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Hey guys ,

    So I have Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit on my laptop. Just recently
    the "Corrupt File" pop up started coming up for almost every program
    that I try to open. The programs still works perfectly, but the pop up
    is really annoying. Also, I can't access my Program Files for my 64 bit,
    but I can access Programs Files (x86). So basically all the programs
    that was in installed in the 64 bit folder do not work (such as the
    Windows Sidebar and Direct Console).

    I've tried almost everything. I've used the tutorials on this website,
    but I can't get chkdsk to run at all. System Restore does not work for
    me either. SFC /SCANNOW only chekcs till 10 % and stops, but SFC
    /verifyfile works and says that I have problems and I need to check the
    CBS.log. So does anyone know what else I can do? I've only had the
    laptop for 3 weeks and its really weird that its acting up already.
    louieville123, Feb 8, 2009
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  2. louieville123

    Malke Guest

    It's not weird at all that it's "acting up" already. If hardware is going to
    fail (and that's a strong possibility) it will usually do so quite quickly.
    And of course if the computer is infected then that only takes a few

    So here are a few suggestions:

    1. First make sure your computer is virus/malware-free so you know that
    isn't the cause of the corruption.

    2. If you have any data on this computer, back it up to external removal
    media now.

    3. Do some hardware troubleshooting, at least of the hard drive and the RAM.
    Your laptop mftr. may have provided some diagnostic utilities or you may
    need to get your own.

    4. If any of the hardware tests bad, contact the laptop mftr. and return the
    computer for repair/replacement.

    5. If the hardware tests good, then restore the laptop to factory condition
    using whatever method the mftr. provided. If all is well, you're done. If
    the same problem occurs, there is probably a hardware issue on the
    motherboard and you should exercise your warranty.

    Malke, Feb 8, 2009
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