Corrupt MBR (Please help direct me to the right discussion group)

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Patrik, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Patrik

    Patrik Guest

    It all started the other day when all that appeared on my black screen was a
    flashing cursor. I rebooted: no problem, the next day it seemed that Java
    was trying to install so I let it. Approximately a week later same black
    screen. Vista Ultimatte disk cant repair start up Doesn't see my hard drive
    which HP diagnostics does and says is OK. Vista disk details that I have
    corrupt MBR, but Microsoft says fdisk doesnt work with super something or
    other (I have one month old 500G Maxtor [which replaces western digital 260g
    that only lasted two years{I believe it is ok and have saved it BUT replaced
    it for same scenario listed above only it wasn't Java trying to install, I
    don't know what it was but same symptoms.}])
    Patrik, Oct 17, 2007
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  2. Patrik

    matt hopkins Guest

    have you tried the fixmbr command when you restart that might be able to
    stop it coming up again. i have just installed the java update but havent
    had any problems yet so it maybe some update or driver for something else
    that is the problem
    matt hopkins, Oct 17, 2007
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  3. Patrik

    Patrik Guest

    I gave up and am in the process of reinstalling. Hope the backup.exe program
    I have will restore everything. I did get error message when trying to
    reinstall that vista couldn't because of bios, but I had already deleted the
    disk before this message, so I formated and install seems to be working so
    far. Thanks for your reply: what is the exact command for fix mbr? Do I
    ask for command prompt from the vista disk? I am worried this is all going
    to keep happening. I can't believe my hard drive is corrupt after only 2
    months. OH and you were right I did have windows update shortly after java,
    I am confused as to how java would have automatically come on my computer
    with an update though. Listen Thanks for your time in the response.
    Hope everyone who reads this has a nice day! Patrik

    Patrik, Oct 17, 2007
  4. First what MBR means:

    Next enter 'fix MBR in Windows Vista' in Google and get up to speed on
    possible issues and fixes.
    Adam Albright, Oct 17, 2007
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