CPU usage jumps 10%-50% every second with nothing running

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by perfb, May 2, 2007.

  1. perfb

    perfb Guest

    I see CPU usage jump 10%-50% every second on HP M8020 Vista Home
    Premium with all user apps off, just running task manager, but task
    manager doesnt show any process ever hitting 50%, only 2% for one or
    two tasks

    I used to see this on XP MCE2005 when running media center where it
    would peg the CPU once a second even when not doing anything, but
    afaik I have Vista Media Center off

    I dont see any suspicious looking process in the task manager list,

    Is this kind of CPU activity bouncing with no user apps normal for
    Vista? Or should I normally see a flat line when idle?
    perfb, May 2, 2007
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  2. perfb

    perfb Guest

    ok, I didnt have the 'show processes from all users' check box
    checked, so now I can see it is APPSVCS32.EXE from Symantec that is
    the culprit.

    This is a new PC and I havent even enabled Symantec yet, as I am
    reluctant to be continually pestered with it, but now I wonder if I
    can delete it to get this CPU hogging under control, or is Symantec
    too embedded in Vista to actually be fully removed? I recall having
    to run some special tool in XP to get rid of Symantec as the normal
    uninstall would not work.
    perfb, May 2, 2007
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  3. Since there's been a lot of similar posts lately, just for fun, I
    installed the CPU and Memory gadgets that look like tachometers and
    supposedly show real time CPU and memory load.

    Just watching them while nothing is running (system for all practical
    purposes idle or darn close) and even during the final stages of boot
    once Vista is up and running, but still not settled down, you do see
    some brief spikes where these meters go up quite a bit for several
    seconds. I don't think it really means much, other than showing Vista
    is busy doing something behind the scenes since mine anyways quickly
    return to normal which for me if the computer is doing nothing other
    that me using this newsreader it shows on average about 2% CPU load
    and 38% on memory. Even if I stare at it for minutes on end it never
    goes much over 10% load for CPU in brief little few second spikes, and
    maybe about 45% load on memory again for just a few seconds. I sure
    don't see it spiking every second. Curious how this seems to vary
    widely depending on system.
    Adam Albright, May 2, 2007
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