Create a New Partition for Some Unallocated Space - Need Help

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Jake Lee, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Jake Lee

    Jake Lee Guest

    Hi, I installed Windows Vista Home Premium on my Dell Inspiron successfully
    on a partition (C:, 50GB) and I still have another 50GB unallocated space. I
    am wondering how I can create a new partition in Vista to use the allocated

    When I tried to use the Installation DVD to create the new partition, I got
    the following message: "Windows Cannot be installed to this hard disk space.
    The selected disk has the maximum number of partitions of this type."

    If anyone can shed some light on this, I would appreciate it very much.

    Thanks a lot,

    Jake Lee, Apr 30, 2007
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  2. Open Computer Management from the Administrative Tools in Control Panel and
    use the Disk Management item under the Storage node.
    Mike Brannigan, Apr 30, 2007
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  3. Jake Lee

    Jake Lee Guest

    Thanks , Mike. When I tried with Disk Management, it complained for
    insufficient space. Can you advise..?
    Jake Lee, Apr 30, 2007
  4. Jake, did you click to select the unallocated space?
    It may be it was looking at the C: drive.



    One thing money can't buy,
    The wagging tail of a dog.
    JerryM \(ID\), Apr 30, 2007
  5. Jake Lee

    clairexiang1 Guest

    Does your hard drive have four partitions already? If so, you cannot use Windows built-in disk management tool to create new partition with the unallocated space. The only solution is to use third party partition software like AOMEI Partition Assistant.
    clairexiang1, Jan 6, 2013
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