If you are going to use a password for anything, you may as well make sure it is a strong one. "Strong" meaning that it would be difficult for someone to guess or crack the password using many of the tools available on the net.

Some tips to create a good strong password would be:
  • Don't use any names/words that someone close to you could guess (such as a pet or partners name)
  • Don't use a dictionary word, as many cracking tools can run through word lists in seconds
  • Make the password at least 8 characters long
  • Use a combination of upper and lowercase letters
  • Add numeric characters and symbols where possible
  • Use a different password each time where possible (at least for sensitive things like online banking)
Examples of a weak password would be : dodgem, 1password, dog12345

Examples of a strong password would be : 4gYu-9yQba, 7Fius7fd5, 6NKJnsd8a

There are plenty of free password generator sites on the internet, a good example being : http://www.goodpassword.com/. This site allows you to generate a secure password based on many different variables.
Ian, Apr 19, 2008