Creating a temporary relay from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Paul K, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Paul K

    Paul K Guest

    Hi group.

    I'm starting to "migrate" my aging SBS 2003 system to a shiny SBS 2008 one
    although I'm actually doing a clean install on the 2008 box.

    I like to take my time about such things where possible to ensure I've not
    missed anything I may require from the old system, primarily relating to
    mail setup, and in order to manage this I need to set up forwarding/relaying
    between the two boxes as I only have one IP address to play with (this is a
    home dev/learning system although I use it for all my comms etc.).

    I have a few domains registered for different purposes and have two new
    domains I'd like to configure on the '08 box which aren't currently
    configured on the '03 box.

    So far, I have the external NIC on the '03 box and the only NIC on the '08
    box connected to the firewall/router device, with all port-forwarding from
    the router to the '03 box.

    Assuming "" and "" for the purposes of this
    post, I've configured "" as the "primary" email domain on the
    '08 box, and is working just dandy on the '03 box.

    I've successfully managed to configure SMTP smart-hosts on each box to
    ensure that:

    o Any mail sent via Outlook on the '03 domain to the new domain is
    successfully received on the new box (verified with OWA on the new '08
    o Any mail sent via OWA on the '08 domain to an email address on the '03
    domain is successfully received on the '03 domain (verified with Outlook)

    What I haven't yet managed is to get internet mail inbound via the '03 box
    for the "" relayed/forwarded to the new '08 box.

    Could someone point me to a suitable relaying article? The best I've found
    so far is related to allowing specific IP addresses to relay which isn't of
    any use when looking to receive from the internet.

    Any suggestions?

    In an ideal world I'd also like to be able to do the reverse in that, I'd
    like to be able to switch the routers port forwarding to the '08 box and
    then (whilst temporarily "fronting" it internet-wise) have it forward all
    "" mail to the '03 box via smarthosts but I'm willing to
    concede that it'd be somewhat harder to do on the '08 box due to the
    (seemingly) more complex inner-sanctum that is Exchange 2007!

    Help appreciated!


    Paul K, Oct 19, 2009
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  2. Paul K

    Joe Guest

    I think this looks near enough:

    Certainly what you need is extremely similar to this, if it isn't quite
    right, so this should be a good starting point. The core is the new SMTP
    connector, listing your new domains in the Address Space.

    According to the article, it's easier in 2007.
    Joe, Oct 19, 2009
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  3. Paul K

    Paul K Guest

    That looks spot-on Joe - thanks for the pointer! I'll give it a go...


    Paul K, Oct 19, 2009
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