critical updates fail to install

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Harvey, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. Harvey

    Harvey Guest

    I'm having problems downloading
    821557: Security Update (Windows XP) and
    Security Update for Windows XP (819696).

    The Update.log mentions a 0x80072EE7 error.

    Has anybody had any such problems?

    Harvey, Aug 19, 2003
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  2. Harvey

    Billy Guest

    I have found if you aren't able to download windows
    updates, it is more than likely your ISP (Cox for one).
    There seems to be a internet wide DNS issue which won't
    allow users to resolve the site Ok down to the good news, if
    you aren't able to download updates you can try the

    Open the following file:

    When prompted to open with select note pad from the list,
    and insert the following line at the bottom of the file:

    After inserting that line be sure you go to file>save.
    You can then close all of your internet browers and try to
    run the updates again.
    Billy, Aug 19, 2003
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  3. Harvey

    Lucy [MS] Guest

    Although adding the Windows Update IP addresses to the host file is a
    workaround, is not a permanent solution. The IP addresses associated with
    Windows Update change frequently, therefore when the IP address is updated
    to a new one, you will again encounter errors downloading updates.

    This appears to be due to some Internet Service Providers
    blocking traffic to ""

    **After downloading and installing updates, please remove all
    IP addresses associated with Windows Update from the Host file.
    Next, contact your Internet Service Provider.
    Lucy [MS], Aug 19, 2003
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