Critical Updates vs. Security Updates

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Bob Fliegel, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. Bob Fliegel

    Bob Fliegel Guest

    Though I've asked this question twice before, I've yet to receive an answer.
    One more try. Perhaps if I word it differently, some MVP will know what I'm
    talking about.

    Is "critical update" synonomous with "security update"? Stated otherwise,
    are there any critical updates that are not security related? If so, where in
    the KB article associated with the latter would one find reference to its
    being critical? I noticed that on the XP home page reference is made to
    "critical security updates." This leads me to infer that some security
    updates may not be "critical." Otherwise, the term is redundant. I do hope
    someone understands my question.
    Bob Fliegel, Aug 24, 2004
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  2. Bob Fliegel

    Alan Guest

    Based on my understanding of Microsoft terminology, security
    updates are always critical updates as they relate to security
    vulnerabilities. Critical updates are not always security
    updates. Microsoft will release critical updates to fix known
    issues arising with the use of their software. Most of the ones
    I have seen relate to fixing software bugs that arise from their
    release of a product service pack.
    Alan, Aug 25, 2004
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  3. Bob Fliegel

    Alan Guest

    I need to modifiy my response. Critical updates fix what
    Microsoft deems to be critical non-security related bugs in their
    offerings. Security updates are issued to fix security
    vulnerabilities. All security updates are not critical.
    Microsoft rates them either as critical, important, moderate or low.
    Alan, Aug 26, 2004
  4. Bob Fliegel

    Alan Guest

    I can only tell you where I have observed it: In the title and
    the opening line of the summary.
    Alan, Aug 26, 2004
  5. Bob Fliegel

    Jim Byrd Guest

    Jim Byrd, Aug 26, 2004
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