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Discussion in 'Scripting' started by Fat Frog, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Fat Frog

    Fat Frog Guest


    I use csvde.exe to query Active Directory user's first name, last name,
    logon name. The result gives me 2000 entries of all users in the domain, but
    I only need less than 100 of them that were created since, say, last month.
    I am wondering how I would put a filter on the -L of CSVDE.

    I run it like this:
    csvde -d "ou=DomainUsers,DC=domain,DC=org" -r objectClass=user -L

    The query result listed under the LDAP label of whenCreated is in the format
    of 20100112172907.0Z ("2010-01-12 17:29:07 0Z could be time zone

    It doesn't matter to filter according to the value of numbers or the past
    dates, I just need the result that only contains the newly added active
    directory users.

    Thanks and regards.
    Fat Frog, Jan 19, 2010
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  2. You can include a whenCreated clause in your filter. For example (watch line

    csvde -d "ou=DomainUsers,DC=domain,DC=org" -r
    -L "sAMAccountName,givenName,sn,whenCreated" -f report.csv

    The form of the clause is:


    I believe the ">" operator is not supported, so use ">=". I added the
    objectCategory clause to eliminate computer objects (which also are class
    user). The ".0Z" will be UTC (what used to be called GMT).
    Richard Mueller [MVP], Jan 19, 2010
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  3. Fat Frog

    Fat Frog Guest

    Thank you so much! The result is exactly what I am looking for.
    Fat Frog, Jan 19, 2010
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