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  1. I have been using Cucusoft DVD Converter for a long time and thought
    writing a review will be very helpful for other people who are looking
    for a similar software. This review will help you decide If this
    software is exactly what you want. I would cover all the aspects of
    the software while writing this review.

    First of all, I would like to tell you that Cucusoft Ultimate DVD
    Converter is specially for converting your DVDs to virtually any
    format! You can convert DVD to AVI, DVD to iPOd, DVD to iPhone and
    this list is really very long!

    If you are looking for a perfect DVD converter which supports all
    portable devices, you don't need to look any further. Cucusoft does it
    all and I'll cover all the aspects of this software in this review.

    A) User Interface

    Cucusoft DVD Converter has a great easy to understand user interface.
    The buttons are placed just right on the UI and you can easily
    understand the functions of these buttons at first sight!

    B) Ease of Use

    This is by far the easiest DVD converter I've ever used! You just need
    to Load the DVD and select the appropriate format profile to convert
    your DVD or video and that's it!

    C) Trial Version

    Cucusoft does offer a trial version to use the software first and then
    decide to buy it. There are some similar software which don't provide
    a trial version or limit the trial version to 5 minutes, but Cucusoft
    DVD Converter is different. Its trial version is not limited to 5
    minutes and you can use it as long as you want but there would be a
    watermark on the video during the trial version and that's fair deal.
    For trial Version go to link:

    D) Customer Support

    Till today, once I had a problem with the software and I emailed their
    customer service. They responded to me lighting fast and that was not
    a bug in the software but my mistake. Their customer service is really

    E) Future Updates

    The software itself checks for upgrades and notifies you If there is
    an update available. You don't need to go to their website and check
    for updates but the software will do it by itself. Upgrades are
    absolutely free!

    F) Conversion Speed

    Cucusoft Ultimate DVD Converter supports high speed dvd ripping and
    works without any flaw. You can converter your DVDs to your desired
    format very fast and don't need to wait for hours.

    So If you are looking to convert your DVDs to play on your iPod,
    iPhone, Zune, PSP and other portable devices, this software is a must!
    Place an order now at Cucusoft Purchase Page:
    blazers_himself, Apr 4, 2009
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