Custom DeviceIoControl Handling in Stream Minidrive ? (shared memory user - kernel)

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by Laksa, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. Laksa

    Laksa Guest

    Hi, I have the screnario as below :

    I need to have custom IoControl code to communicated with user-mode
    application, I know how to to
    it in non-minidriver kernel mode, but how about in stream minidriver ?

    On kernel streaming driver code:

    DriverEntry(IN PDRIVER_OBJECT DriverObject, IN PUNICODE RegisteryPath)
    DriverObject->MajorFunction[IRP_MJ_DEVICE_CONTROL] =

    Then we have a function:
    NTSTATUS OurIOControlHandler(IN PDEVICE_OBJECT DeviceObject, IN PIRP Irp)

    irp = IoGetCurrentIrpStackLocation(Irp);
    controlCode = irpStack->Parameters.DeviceIoControl.UoControlCode;

    switch (controlCode)
    .... <do our work here>

    However, on stream minidrive,

    DriverEntry( IN PDRIVER_OBJECT DriverObject,
    IN PUNICODE_STRING RegistryPath )


    HwInitData.HwReceivePacket = MyReceivePacket;
    HwInitData.HwCancelPacket = MyCancelPacket;
    HwInitData.HwRequestTimeoutHandler = MyTimeoutPacket;

    ReturnValue = StreamClassRegisterAdapter(DriverObject, RegistryPath,


    So can I l put in the line (or is it safe to do so ?, will it be
    overwritted) :
    DriverObject->MajorFunction[IRP_MJ_DEVICE_CONTROL] =
    in stream minidriver ?
    what <StreamClassRegisterAdapter()> put in for this parameter
    will it overwrite my parameters ?

    If I want to have my custom IoControl In minidriver, what is the proper way

    Ref: TestCap DDK sample

    Thank in advance

    Laksa, Jul 19, 2004
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  2. Laksa

    Max Paklin Guest

    Max Paklin, Jul 19, 2004
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  3. Laksa

    paullee Guest

    Sorry, I have try to download the sample code
    it seem look like the wd3iface.h is lose ,is it??

    I saw many people ask same question about this topic,
    but I still cann't understand how to do it><

    paullee, Aug 11, 2004
  4. Laksa

    paullee Guest

    Sorry,Does the wd3iface.IDL file is use for replace wd3iface.h ??
    I have use vc 6.0,my friend tell me ,he can complier very well in .NET
    So can you tell me how to create wd3iface.h or how to change to Vc
    I have try to write wd3iface.h like this
    but I got error massage --->
    error C2787: 'IWd3KsproxySampleConfig' : no GUID has been associated
    with this object when complier __uuidof( IWd3KsproxySampleConfig )
    is anything wrong ?? how to convert wd3iface.IDL to wd3iface.h ??

    Thanks a lot

    #ifdef __cplusplus
    extern "C" {

    // {AD9CD7E6-2378-498f-8682-6FD60221B008}
    0xad9cd7e6, 0x2378, 0x498f, 0x86, 0x82, 0x6f, 0xd6, 0x2, 0x21, 0xb0,

    DECLARE_INTERFACE_ (IWd3KsproxySampleConfig, IUnknown) {

    STDMETHOD(GetRate) (THIS_ long* plRate) PURE;
    STDMETHOD(SetRate) (THIS_ long lRate) PURE;


    #ifdef __cplusplus
    paullee, Aug 11, 2004
  5. Laksa

    Max Paklin Guest

    VC6 is not supported.
    The paper clearly says that.

    ..h file is a product of IDL compilation. Have IDL compiler process
    wd3iface.idl and you get corresponding header file as one of the outputs.
    Alternatively get the header file from your friend if you can't figure out
    how to please the IDL compiler.
    In either case remember that VC6 is not supported and you are on your own.

    -- Max.
    Max Paklin, Aug 11, 2004
  6. Laksa

    paullee Guest

    VC6 is not supported.
    Thanks max

    I have complier successed in Vc 6.0,I use MIDL.exe to product wd3iface.h
    but I still have same question,my book tell me if I want define a costom
    interface ,I must write code like this
    I also see it in the DXSDK sample code ,why cann't it work??

    Thanks a lot

    #ifdef __cplusplus
    extern "C" {

    // IGargleDMOSample's GUID
    // {9AE9B11C-4EF8-42bc-9484-65EA0008964F}
    0x9ae9b11c, 0x4ef8, 0x42bc, 0x94, 0x84, 0x65, 0xea, 0x0, 0x8, 0x96, 0x4f);

    // IGargleDMOSample
    DECLARE_INTERFACE_(IGargleDMOSample, IUnknown) {

    // IGargleDMOSample methods
    STDMETHOD(SetAllParameters) (THIS_ LPCGargleFX pcGargleFx) PURE;
    STDMETHOD(GetAllParameters) (THIS_ LPGargleFX pGargleFx) PURE;


    #ifdef __cplusplus
    paullee, Aug 12, 2004
  7. Laksa

    paullee Guest

    Sorry, I got two error when I install the driver

    fisrt I can see the driver install successed in the device
    also can use Graphic Edit to run,But when I use your TESTAP,
    I got this error code


    HRESULT: 0x80040216 (2147746326)
    Description: An object or name was not found.
    Severity code: Failed
    Facility Code: FACILITY_ITF (4)
    Error Code: 0x0216 (534)

    Second, when I type regsvr32
    C:\MyWork\Wd3KsProxyPluginSample\bin\ in dos command
    I got this error code

    HRESULT: 0x800401f9 (2147746297)
    Description: n/a
    Severity code: Failed
    Facility Code: FACILITY_ITF (4)
    Error Code: 0x01f9 (505)

    Third, I try to use your original file to register
    I type regsvr32 c:\
    I got this error message "LoadLibary("c:\") fail--
    cann't find specify module

    Thanks a lot
    paullee, Aug 12, 2004
  8. Laksa

    Max Paklin Guest

    If your book says that there is only one correct way to define an interface,
    throw away that book.
    Most likely the book says that you could do it that way. Emphasis on

    That's not the only way to define an interface.
    I use IDL to describe my interfaces and then run IDL by MIDL compiler to
    generate a corresponding header file. You could do it that way, you could do
    it differently, it's your pick.

    -- Max.
    Max Paklin, Aug 12, 2004
  9. Laksa

    Max Paklin Guest

    What OS?

    Once again the sample does not support VC6. Period.
    Use it at your own risk.

    Why original sample did not register? Most likely because runtime DLLs are
    missing. Run depends on it.
    This is also clearly stated in the paper. Did you read it at all? Or you
    just playing with the sample without doing your homework?

    -- Max.
    Max Paklin, Aug 12, 2004
  10. Laksa

    paullee Guest

    What OS?
    The OS is XP Pro SP1 ,I try to install twice time ,the first
    and second
    problem is disappear。
    I have use .NET to complier ,then use regsvr32 to register it
    oen PC can install successed ,anohter PC is fail,I got this error
    message "LoadLibary("c:\") fail-- cann't find specify

    sorry,I just roughly go through your paper for two times,
    I know it didn't support VC6,I just try to use vc6 to write my own

    sorry ,Does the automation table is optional ?? How do I add it in
    the TESTCAP sample??

    I want support a custom property,I saw sample code write like this

    0xC44A1A10, 0x0A37, 0x11D2,0x83, 0x28, 0x00, 0x60, 0x97, 0xBA,
    0x83, 0xAB
    DEFINE_GUIDSTRUCT( "C44A1A10-0A37-11D2-8328-006097BA83AB",

    but when I complier TESTCAP sample ,I got a link err like this
    "error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _PROPSETID_VIDCAP_CUSTOM"
    so I change to this

    {0xC44A1A10, 0x0A37, 0x11D2, {0x83, 0x28, 0x00, 0x60, 0x97, 0xBA,
    0x83, 0xAB}};

    I saw PROPSETID_VIDCAP_VIDEOCOMPRESSION is write like the first
    where is the actual define of PROPSETID_VIDCAP_VIDEOCOMPRESSION ??

    sorry for ask so much studip question ^^"""

    Thanks a lot
    paullee, Aug 13, 2004
  11. Laksa

    Max Paklin Guest

    I have use .NET to complier ,then use regsvr32 to register it
    Check runtime libraries. Run 'depends' on .ax file.

    Testcap is Stream Class based sample, not AVStream.
    Stream Class is an older technology, which is more limited in functionality.
    It does not have a notion of automation table.

    I don't why it gives you unresolved external. From what I remember about
    this, it should work fine.
    You built the driver with the BUILD, didn't you?

    Do you know how to do search?
    Why don't you do a bit your own homework? When in doubt do a search on \inc
    and \lib in DDK. You'll be surprised how much usefull stuff you can find.

    For this particular question of yours the answer is that
    PROPSETID_VIDCAP_VIDEOCOMPRESSION is defined in ksguid.lib. It is also
    defined in ksuser.lib, but that is the import library for user mode

    -- Max.
    Max Paklin, Aug 13, 2004
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