Cut the Crap: Classic is slower than Aero (*).

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by laugh at fanboy in the box, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. Cut the crap: classic is slower than aero (*)

    Ahhh yes.. educating the vistaboys once more.. the cluless mvps and
    vista-trolls alike.
    What can I do.. its so ironic that I, who think vista is a bucket of crap,
    know more than most fanboys about their OS.

    So here is the lesson of the day:

    (*) Classic is slower than aero on machines that are aero glass capable.
    This is a clear fact that so many have gotten wrong is hilairious. Even tech
    geeks give this as one of their tips to make vista faster.

    If your card doesnt support aero then classic is as slow as with the aero
    basic theme, and that means absolutly NO acceleration (compared to XP that
    DID have GDI acceleration that was lighning fast!)
    But its not faster with classic theme. Its slower.

    Why? Well because basically vista renders the display differently than
    windows XP.
    XP used the display adaptor acceleraition to do 2d acceleration using GDI.

    This all was RIPPED out of Vista making it a DEGRADE of XP.
    What was then done was to make vista ONLY IN AERO MODE, to accelerate the
    drawing of the display using the NEW DWM model, and not GDI.

    But what happens when you have CLASSIC turned on Vista? THERE IS ABSOLUTLY
    NO GDI, NO DWM, NO NOTHING! In classic theme, Vista is SLOWER to render the
    display of windows and program elements than xp.. FAR SLOWER!

    And this surprises me because it is VERY apparent! I saw this after using
    Vista on classic for 2 minuites!
    I cannot imagine how anyone who claims to be a experienced user does not see


    Yet you see all the vista-fan-boys keep saying to people to switch to
    classic to make vista more responsive.. LOL. Vista fanboys are not known for
    their intelligence... but anyway.

    Rule of the thumb is with vista: AERO= acceleration
    Classic = no acceleration (dumber than XP_

    XP had GDI acceleration (using the built in GDI accelerators of even cheap
    display adaptors) on classic and with its themes and was very fast...
    so classic on XP is FAR faster than Classic on VISTA.. Also if you compare
    the rendering speed of vista with aero BASIC
    and XP using one of its own Luna themes, XP IS FAR SUPERIOR AND FASTER!


    laugh at fanboy in the box, Apr 13, 2008
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  2. Have you only just found that out? You seem rather excited about something
    that everybody knew years ago.

    Synapse Syndrome, Apr 13, 2008
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  3. I did not just find that you moron...

    I can find you posts long ago that I explain this again in this very

    Like this one

    Im just making this clear because I keep seeing posts and websites telling
    people to switch to classic to make vista faster.

    This is true only if your display adaptor is non aero glass capable.
    laugh at fanboy in the box, Apr 13, 2008
  4. laugh at  fanboy in the box

    Spirit Guest

    One could only hope that you will demonstrate such "acceleration" as
    you are leaving the premises................. oh and take the "crap" you
    cut with you.
    Spirit, Apr 13, 2008
  5. Nah.. dont wait.. because
    I will leave only when vista is replaced by the superior Windows7 aka "the
    windows that vista should have been"
    laugh at fanboy in the box, Apr 13, 2008
  6. laugh at  fanboy in the box

    Frank Guest

    laugh at the incompetent idiot in the box wrote:

    --------------------------------------------'re upset at your own stupidity and computer incompetence cc.
    IOW's you are a loser...LOL!
    Frank, Apr 13, 2008
  7. laugh at  fanboy in the box

    Drew Guest

    So when windows7 comes out and it has its own little quirks just like
    EVERYTHING HUMAN MADE DOES you will come back with a apology right ?? ..
    Nobody here will hold there breath for that one .You once again prove how
    stupid you really are ..
    Drew, Apr 14, 2008
  8. laugh at  fanboy in the box

    Frank Guest

    Yeah, and we all can't wait for that to happen...NOT!!!
    Frank, Apr 14, 2008
  9. to tell you the truth windows7 will not be different enoough from vista to
    be good.. it will probably carry all the bad design of the vista UI, but at
    least they will fix the bugs, at least some of them
    windows7 will be vista service pack 2
    laugh at fanboy in the box, Apr 14, 2008
  10. laugh at  fanboy in the box

    Frank Guest

    Frank, Apr 14, 2008
  11. I am a mensan

    laugh at fanboy in the box, Apr 14, 2008
  12. laugh at  fanboy in the box

    Frank Guest

    Frank, Apr 14, 2008
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