Data Backup Ultimate Hassle

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by astrosoup, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. astrosoup

    astrosoup Guest

    So I have a hard drive with XP on it that I think is bad. I bought an
    enclosure and I am now attempting to back up my data before I do anymore
    testing on it. I just want to back up the "documents and settings" folder.
    When I try to do so, I never get a complete backup, as I don't have
    permission to edit, copy or look at some of the directories. When I tried to
    set the permissions, I discovered that I have to set myself as the owner to
    get permission to set permissions. So I made myself owner of the drive, and I
    gave myself permission to set permissions, and I then set the appropriate
    permissions. However, there are still quite a few folders that I do not have
    permission to copy/backup. I'd like to save some of the deeper directories
    such as Application Data, etc, because sometimes important profiles and
    emails are stored in them. I've set myself as owner, permissioner and
    permissionee to several of the directories on the drives, but I still get
    blocked out of their subdirectories until I set myself as owner permissioner
    and permissionee of them as well. My question is: Will I have to go through
    and set myself as owner, permissioner and permissionee of each individual
    directory, subdirectory, sub-subdirectory, etc. until I have access for
    everything? Or is there a faster way to make myself owner of every directory
    with permission to access (and back up) them all?
    astrosoup, Nov 15, 2007
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