DAY 2 OF The VIA Nightware Still Tons IF Dead Laptops Where IS The

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Tallen Atear, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Tallen Atear

    Tallen Atear Guest

    Imexecptionally Upset there is still no fix, any 'fix' posted so far assumes
    you can still boot your laptop in either safe mode or last know good config.

    My laptop as many others out there
    (A) went to windows update and downloaded the hardware updates
    (B) rebooted as normal only to BSOD to the how would you like to boot scrren
    (C) Tried imidiatly "last Known Good Configuration" only to see the BSOD and
    be back at the same window.
    (D) Then tried Safe Mode, after a ton of text wizes by the screen instant BSOD
    (E) Booted from a xp disk went into the repair console and tried to look for
    the $NTUninstall file cant find one looked into the ViPar.sys file noting
    seems to help.Even ran chkdsk knowing it would do noting.
    (F) yes were all (F)ked for sure, and we sit here like lemmings worried
    about viruses and security leakes..

    Where is the fix instructions? im about to reload back to October of last

    Not Happy At All
    Andrew H. Hochheimer
    The Software Artist Limited.
    Tallen Atear, Feb 17, 2007
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  2. How many times has it been repeated in these newsgroups (and elsewhere on
    the Internet) to NOT get the hardware updates from Microsoft?

    They do *not* make the majority (if any) of your hardware - so why would you
    trust* them to supply you with the best drivers/software for your hardware?
    Perform a REPAIR INSTALLATION.. Has nothing to do with a Repair Console.

    How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install

    How to perform an in-place upgrade (reinstallation) of Windows XP
    Shenan Stanley, Feb 17, 2007
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  3. It's one thing when the driver is a proper tested driver, it's totally
    another when this appears to be a total "stuff up" as my Aussie friends
    would say.
    Susan Bradley, CPA aka Ebitz - SBS Rocks [MVP], Feb 17, 2007
  4. Personally - I stick to the advice I have given for years...
    If Microsoft did not make the hardware - why would you trust getting the
    software/driver for it from Microsoft?

    Any other advice would contradict the advice I would normally give.

    You always want to download something from the most trusted source.

    In the case of a piece of hardware - the most trusted source for a
    software/driver download for said device would be from the actual
    manufacturer's (of said device) web site - as they are the creators of said
    product and provide the support for said product.

    Microsoft - while the 'most trusted source' for drivers and updates for
    *their* products is not, to me, the most trusted source for drivers and
    updates for, say, ATI's products... NVidia's products... Creative Labs'
    products... Intel chipsets... VIA chipsets... and so on.

    While I agree that the VIA driver is totally messed up and just being
    offered to practically everyone - if people did not get their hardware
    drivers from a source where the product wasn't created/supported directly -
    then they would not have a problem. =)
    Shenan Stanley, Feb 17, 2007
  5. What if the next time the "stuff up" is not a driver that those of us
    experienced patchers say to avoid but some other patch that shouldn't be
    offered up?

    I would hope that someone is going back and reviewing processes to see
    what got "stuffed".

    It would also be nice if there was an official post from a Microsoft
    source. Additional help and guidance would be nice.
    Susan Bradley, CPA aka Ebitz - SBS Rocks [MVP], Feb 17, 2007
  6. There is no disagreement there.

    Someone should have caught this at Microsoft by now.
    Someone should have made a public announcement or at the very least - pulled
    it from the site.
    (From Microsoft.)
    Shenan Stanley, Feb 17, 2007
  7. Tallen Atear

    Justin Guest


    It is Microsofts responsibility to ensure all drivers being sponsored on the
    update page are working fully and tested fully before sponsoring any drivers
    at all.

    This is not an issue of where you got the drivers, we all have experiences
    that drivers from the website directly have caused the same problem, but in
    this case, we expect a little bit more than just a cursory glance. If this
    means paying someone OT and cuts those few dollars out of the profit margin
    to ensure this, then too bad. Price you pay when you have pretty much
    dominated the market.

    So, the question still remains, what are VIA and MS doing about preparing a
    self boot CD to patch/fix the current problem since repairing does not work?!
    Justin, Feb 17, 2007
  8. Tallen Atear

    Tallen Atear Guest

    Someone should have caught this at Microsoft by now.
    As of this morning the hardware updates have been removed, but there is
    still no public fix outside of reinstall xp - unexceptable from a 126k update
    that could not of changed much.

    I download all updates simply becuase (a) i never ran into a problem before
    doings so, and (b) I have 100's of clients that will no matter what I tell
    them so if there is a problem I at least need to be aware of it and have a

    Tallen Atear, Feb 17, 2007
  9. Tallen Atear

    miadlor Guest

    I also had the problem yesterday.
    I was able to sucessfully fix and repeat the issue several times.
    If last known good mode and goto device manager.
    From there "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers/Primary IDE channel, roll back driver.
    You can also go into the Windows directory system32 drivers and look for the
    driver that was created on the date you instaled it.....the name was short
    and had "pr" in it. Looking at the info of the driver, it will say VIA in it.
    miadlor, Feb 17, 2007
  10. Tallen Atear

    miadlor Guest

    miadlor, Feb 17, 2007
  11. Tallen Atear

    miadlor Guest

    miadlor, Feb 17, 2007
  12. Tallen Atear

    Tallen Atear Guest

    Well again if you read my post it is IMPOSSIBLE to boot into windows xp IN
    ANY MODE safe, use last config, etc.. there is lots of laptops in this
    condiditon out there. Desktops seemed to crash once then using last known
    booted to windows fine. I can ONLY get to the recovery console from a XP
    disk. the hardrive and ALL files are fine its a issue of the VIA driver
    update crashing the system on boot.

    Several IBM laptops are not booting and the only fix has been to reimage
    them from a old gost backup. My dell is about 9 hrs from finishing a complete
    ghost image in case somthing goes wrong.

    I just cant belive there is no simple copy this to that delete this
    instructions online. I mean if any other updates goes scarry i can allways
    fix things from the $NtUninstallKBwhatevernumber folders. This update had

    Microsoft should at least say there working on it rather then just
    pretending it did not happen. Dell complete care staff is still working on it
    as it has effected 100's of laptops.

    This is all BS
    Tallen Atear, Feb 17, 2007
  13. Justin wrote:
    In order to remain - the question would have had to have been asked.
    I never saw mention in this thread about a 'self boot CD to patch/fix the
    current problem'...

    I did see a query asking for a fix or instructions for a fix. ;-)

    I wouldn't blame VIA...
    As it was obviously Microsoft's mistake in detecting almost every system as
    needing this patch.
    As I have said in other threads like this - it detected the need for it on
    systems that I have that don't even come close to having VIA anything.
    Shenan Stanley, Feb 17, 2007
  14. Tallen Atear wrote:
    This update is a HARDWARE DRIVER update.
    Of course there is no uninstall/simply delete this/remove this line fix.
    Your system wouldn't boot to do that.

    While someone could come up with instructions on how to enter the recovery
    console and remove the driver manually - simple is not a word I would place
    with the instruction set that would have to be created.
    Shenan Stanley, Feb 17, 2007
  15. Tallen Atear

    Tallen Atear Guest

    It is not helping by telling people that they should not have downloaded the
    hardware updates. This is not helping the solution but rather ignorant and no
    need for your condecending attitude. Microsoft is suppose to be a trusted
    source and I am not the only person with this problem. If you cannot offer
    good advice than do not bother posting with this attitude of all knowing.

    I contacted Dell Support and they have no solution but are working on the
    problem. I just got off the phone with Microsoft and they have no solution
    for the problem as well. (By the way they don't read these formus I had to
    email them the link!)

    If you have no solution to offer just dont waste our time.
    Tallen Atear, Feb 17, 2007
  16. Safe mode did NOT work, just rebooted too on the PC I updated.
    But luckily "Last good" worked (I tried "safe boot" first).
    Lars-Erik Østerud, Feb 17, 2007
  17. I'm with Tallen here.
    Regardless of those of us who are 'veteran patchers' we "should" be able
    to trust Microsoft.
    Susan Bradley, CPA aka Ebitz - SBS Rocks [MVP], Feb 17, 2007
  18. I gave a solution already.
    Review the thread.

    Nothing condescending - condescending would be me telling people they were
    stupid for doing something they should have known better than to do.

    I am presenting this as a 'lesson learned' scenario - as a solution (repair
    install) has already been given.

    Sure - it may not be the solution you desire - a simple fix CD/etc... But
    the fact is - you could be up and going in an hour or so - or you can wait
    days for a solution you like.

    How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install

    How to perform an in-place upgrade (reinstallation) of Windows XP

    This issue should have never existed. It does.

    Should Microsoft be reprimanded? Sure - if you like.
    Will it probably produce much? No more than it ever has.

    Nothing condescending here - just facts.
    1) People should be told NOT to get hardware updates from the Microsoft web
    page unless they have Microsoft Hardware or they have a specific problem the
    'MS Tested' driver has been proven to fix.
    2) People should have a recent backup of their system - especially before
    installing updates (hardware drivers or otherwise.)
    (Since this particular update does not get applied 'automatically' - this
    would seem to point to people with some experience with their computer
    maintenance tasks rather than those who just let Automatic Updates do the
    work because that is the way their tech person set it up..)
    3) A repair install should replace the driver nicely and WILL be faster than
    waiting for a solution that has not appeared in the two+ days the issue has
    existed. (Yes - there are people who will be unable to do this - because
    their computer did not come with actual installation media but restoration
    methods. For them - I do not currently have a solution - although, going by
    my assumption in #2 - likely those people did not get the update.)

    I emphathize with the plight. I gave a solution WAY back in this thread.
    It's a viable and workable solution. I did not present any condescending
    attitude or front - I metrely stated facts so those who read this in the
    future will be MORE CAREFUL when doing such things (like upgrading their
    drivers, especially if they choose to do so from Microsoft..)

    In case you can no longer see the entire thread...

    As far as 'trusting' Microsoft...

    Yeah - someone made a mistake... I knew I did not have a VIA chipset on the
    majority of the machines i saw the patch for and thus - I did not install
    the patch. I tested it (I stated this in a similar thread) to see if it
    would do anything - and it does produce the BSOD everyone is complaining

    Trust but verify - a good general rule of life.
    Shenan Stanley, Feb 18, 2007
  19. Tallen Atear

    Tallen Atear Guest

    Listen I did do the repair install by CD and all other suggestions. I spent
    up all day yesterday trying to repair the problem, not only did I try the
    repair CD, last configuration and safe mode there is no way to get to
    windows. I even tried through DOS, so you telling me I am looking for a quick
    fix is TOTALLY WRONG! I even had to repair desk tops at a company who did the
    installs and was able to fix those but because my LAPTOP is totally
    different. Even the techs at Dell crashed lap tops after doing the install
    and were not able to fix the problem.

    I have no choice but to ghost my hard drive which is taking 26 hours and try
    to repair windows because microsoft and Dell cannot assure me that I wont
    lose my information. Like I said if you have something valuable to share but
    since you do not understand that LAPTOPS are not like the desk tops to fix.
    Once again microsoft is at fault that is why they pulled the hardware updates
    from the downloads.

    Sorry to vent but very frustrated when people do read the posts and act like
    a know it all and treat others like they are incompetent.
    Tallen Atear, Feb 18, 2007
  20. You never mentioned doing the Repair Install until now...
    I responded...
    Because you never mentioned performming a repair install - nor have you
    confirmed doing so as of this point per the links given - again - nothing to
    do with what you mentioned in your original post:
    Completely different beasts...
    The only difference is the hardware.
    Performing a repair installtion does not involve anything you have stated
    you have done.
    When you ordered your Dell Laptop - did you order the installation CD with
    it or stick with the Image Backup that Dell offers for $10 less. If the
    latter - then I accounted for your case in my last response.
    Never treated you as such. You are frustrated and reading whatever you want
    (venting at someone is easier than venting for no reason) into what I write.
    I accept that.

    As I noted I said in another similar thread - I tested the patch (knowing
    most of the machines I saw it being 'needed' on did not have VIA anything)
    and before I did - made a ghost image and restored when it screwed it up.
    If that is your only option - I feel for you. I gave my solution to you and
    you have not actually confirmed you attemoted an actual repair installation
    from an actual installation media at this point - or if you can or not...
    Having a Dell Laptop does nothing to tell me if you have an actual
    installation CD or not. I order all my Dell Laptops for customers with
    actual installation media for the extra $10. Saying you went into the
    repair console tells me nothing about if you tried a repair install.
    Telling me you used some 'repair CD' definitely tells me nothing - because I
    have no idea what this 'repair CD' is.

    All I am asking at this point is *if* you went to either of the links I gave
    and followed those directions to attempt an actual repair installation (or
    if you even have an actual Windows XP Installation CD to use in such an

    Also - your other option - before you go restoring an old ghost image - is
    to Ghost it as is now so at least you can open the new ghost image after
    applying the old one and copy your newer files from that image using
    something like Ghost Explorer... Minimizing at least the loss of your
    personal files. Another option would be creating/booting with something
    like BartPE to copy files from the drives elsewhere.
    Shenan Stanley, Feb 18, 2007
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