Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Russ Green, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Russ Green

    Russ Green Guest

    I have a network (mixed Vista and XP) with quite a few laptops. We recently
    subscribed to Message Labs for scannning mail and web traffic for malware,
    spam, etc.

    Initially I used group policy to confgure all my clients to use the message
    labs proxy server. Unfortunately the mobile users (myself being one) got
    quite hacked off that they could browse the net without a VPN connection
    when away from the office. That's not so bad I want to change it.

    I have therefore decided to try and use a proxy.pac file to configure
    detection if the machine is on the LAN or remote.

    The contents of the proxy.pac file looks like this (I've left the file ext
    off the file):

    function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
    var proxy_yes = "PROXY";
    var proxy_no = "DIRECT";

    if (shExpMatch(url, "http://companyweb/*")) { return proxy_no; }
    if (shExpMatch(url, "")) { return proxy_no; }

    if (isInNet(myIpAddress(), "", ""))
    { return proxy_yes };
    { return proxy_no };

    I made an MSI file and deployed this file via group policy to
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc on all my clients and also used GP to have
    all client point to file://C:/Windows/system32/drivers/etc/proxy as the
    auto config script in IE.

    When testing the results it seems all my vista clients and some XP clients
    picked up that they were on the LAN and used the proxy (web scanning service
    worked on the EICAR.ORG site) but a few XP clients (mine being one) did not
    use the proxy.

    I'm not sure how to debug this and would really appreciate some help.

    Russ Green, Dec 11, 2007
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