Decoder Error Live TV Decoder not installed

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Gary, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. Gary

    Gary Guest

    WinMCE 2005 w/ Hauppauge PVR150.
    When I try to view Live TV or Playback DVR-MS files I get
    the followiing Error:
    Decoder Error
    The video decoder is has either malfunctioned or is not
    How do I remedy this?
    Gary, Mar 24, 2005
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  2. Gary

    Guest Guest

    So to view the DVR-M files that I recorded in MCE 2005 I
    have to download a third party decoder?
    Guest, Mar 24, 2005
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  3. Gary

    Gary Guest

    Playback of recorded DVR-MS or live TV does not work in
    MCE. That's where I get the decoder message. I can play
    back the recorded DVR-MS file in Windows Media Player.
    Gary, Mar 24, 2005
  4. Gary

    JW Guest

    The ability to receive, encode, and record a program for later use or for
    live TV has nothing to do with the decoding of the created file which is why
    he can play the recorded files with Media Player. You were right the first
    time he needs a DVD Decoder to play them or to watch Live TV within MCE and
    I too suggest the NVIDIA DVD Decoder basic version.
    JW, Mar 24, 2005
  5. Gary

    Gary Guest

    I was unable to view live TV so I tried recording a show
    off of the schedule and it worked. The entire show is
    there, about 1.5 GB. I can watch it just fine in WMP.
    P.S. I can' thank you enough for your quick responses
    here. This is a very frustrating situation.
    Gary, Mar 24, 2005
  6. Gary

    Gary Guest

    I have not installed any third party decoder. The Invidia
    one is not free. I wasn't aware that I needed one.
    The following page on the MS site says that the
    requirement for playing back DVR-MS files is MCE "or" a
    PC with a Third party DVD Decoder.

    Playing *.dvr-ms files
    The Media Center user interface allows playback of any
    recorded TV show. However, it is also possible for
    DirectShow enabled applications to add playback support
    for unprotected *.dvr-ms files.
    Playback on a Media Center PC
    To enable playback of *.dvr-ms files outside of the Media
    Center user interface using a DirectShow capable player,
    the QFE Q329979 must be present and can be installed from
    Windows Update.
    The following registry key can be used to determine if
    the QFE is already installed on the users system:
    Gary, Mar 24, 2005
  7. "Playback of recorded DVR-MS or live TV does not work in
    MCE. That's where I get the decoder message. I can play
    back the recorded DVR-MS file in Windows Media Player."

    And that is exactly as it is supposed to be, WMP will play ms-dvr without a
    DVD decoder.

    The MCE interface will not play live TV, DVD video, or recorded ms-dvr files
    without an appropriate decoder being installed, Decoders are not provided by
    Microsoft, you must purchase one.

    MCE WILL record it without the appropriate DECODER installed.

    Diane McCorkle, Mar 24, 2005
  8. Gary

    Fred Jones Guest

    Thanks. I had the same problem. Amazing that it can record but not play,
    yet MS MediaPlayer can play but not record. What type of media center
    doesn't come with a decoder?!
    Fred Jones, Mar 25, 2005
  9. Gary

    JW Guest

    Since DVD Decoders come with various capabilities there is not one general
    purpose one that will work with all encoded tuner cards MCE encoded video
    and with all video and audio cards. Also some users want a DVD Decoder
    which will provide Dolby Digital audio which requires that the decoder have
    a license for that capability. It is up to each MCE system provider to
    provide the decoder that integrates with his other peripheral selections.
    It is up to installers of the OEM or MSN development version of MCE to
    integrate the DVD Decoder that works with best with their other integrated
    products just like the OEM MCE system suppliers do. It is due to issues
    like this that an MCE system upgrade is not available as a retail product
    but only as an OEM product.
    JW, Mar 25, 2005
  10. "What type of media center doesn't come with a decoder?"

    Almost all of the OEM manufactured Media Centers come with a decoder
    preinstalled by the builder, it's built into the cost of the PC.

    Most folks using their MSDN MCE know they need a decoder, most of the time I
    see folks that bought OEM CD's by themselves and are "rolling their own MCE"
    as the ones that don't have decoders, not all for sure, a lot of folks do
    their homework first.

    And the last group are the folks that have warez MCE ISO's... they almost
    never have the decoder nor know about it.

    Diane McCorkle, Mar 25, 2005
  11. Gary

    Nigel Barker Guest

    Any OEM supplied MCE system with a TV tuner card will definitely come supplied
    with a supported DVD/MPEG2 decoder.
    It amazes me how many people don't do any research. There are no end of
    complaints on this newsgroup that they have bought a particular graphics card or
    TV tuner & it won't work in MCE. If they had done a little digging they could
    easily have found a list of supported hardware.
    They can doubtless download a suitable decoder from a P2P network though:)
    Nigel Barker, Mar 26, 2005
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