Decoder Error (malfunctioned or no decoder present)?

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Kurt, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Kurt

    Kurt Guest

    Anyone have this error?
    I'm setting up new MCE2005 and using PowerDCD 5 by Cyberlink. Both PowerDVD
    and Windows Media Player 10 can play DVDs, but not MCE (of course it does
    the same thing on the USB TV tuner).
    Thanks for any Help,
    Kurt, Feb 27, 2006
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  2. Kurt

    Jason Tsang Guest

    I'd recommend you try a more recent DVD decoder.

    One that is known to work well with MCE2005 is the Nvidia Purevideo decoder
    A 30 day trial of this is available here

    NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder Platinum 30 day Trial

    Make sure you remove PowerDVD to minimize any chance of conflicts.
    Jason Tsang, Feb 27, 2006
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