Decommissioning old DC and transfer DNS role to new 2k3 DNS server

Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by carlomd, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. carlomd

    carlomd Guest

    Hi all, I have one 2k3 DC and 2 2k DC's (actually I was in the process of
    decommisioning one of the 2K DC's that was a secondary DNS, the other 2k DC
    is the primary DNS), 2K3 DC now running DNS, somehow I can't get the main
    zone to transfer to the new DC, I checked the zone transfer tab off the
    primary and it says to any server, I get events 6525 and 7062, it only
    transferred the AD zones, not the standard primary zone. I'm not totally
    familiar with DNS, so if I can get some pointers that would be great, thanks
    in advanced.
    carlomd, Apr 1, 2006
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  2. If the zone is AD-integrated, then the default is to replicate DNS to all
    DCs in the domain. Also, since you mentioned the zone is AD-integrated,
    there should not be a standard primary zone of the same name on any of the
    other DNS servers in this domain. If there are, delete those standard
    primary zones.
    Todd J Heron [MVP], Apr 2, 2006
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  3. carlomd

    carlomd Guest

    "If the zone is AD-integrated"
    We have other domain names we use for email that are AD integrated, but the
    primary domainname is not (under type shows primary), and that domain name is
    the main domain we always had and original one since NT4 domain. But things
    seem find though, email works, we can access our website from the outside, we
    just get those event warnings and errors I mentioned.
    "there should not be a standard primary zone of the same name on any of the
    other DNS servers in this domain"
    yeah we do have other primary's but they're all unique names,,, etc. And the AD types are also unique names, basically I can't
    get to show up on the 2k3 DC server (only the AD types showed).
    Thanks in advanced.
    carlomd, Apr 3, 2006
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