Delete/Copy Path Too Long Files

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Martin Krag, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Martin Krag

    Martin Krag Guest - Delete/Copy Path Too Long Files

    Quite often after you have completed your work on the computer, you
    will try to delete useless folders and files to free up the space on
    your system but you are unable to do so. Whilst deleting these data
    you may have encounter error message such as cannot delete file,
    corrupted file or path is too long. These annoying errors can be
    resolved effectively with long path tool.
    Windows tool to delete or copy folders and files with filename too
    long or path too long error. All you have to is browse for the file
    and then press the button to delete or copy it. This application
    resolves the problem with the inability to delete and copy folders and
    files with long paths in Internet explorer. These might be created by
    adware, virus, Mac OS and other software. Ordinarily, one cannot
    access these kinds of files in Windows and as a result cannot delete
    or copy them either. Cleanup files.
    This application supports easy removal of undesirable files and
    folders. It is able to delete files with path which contains well over
    260 characters in addition to files with dots in the name or trailing
    spaces. The utility will not require any installation and can launch
    directly from the setup.
    These are some of the other error messages that you could encounter
    while using Windows:
    Cannot delete file - Access denied
    The destination or source file might be in use
    There's been a sharing violation
    The file is being used by another user or program
    Cannot delete folder or file. The file name specified is too long or
    not valid.
    Error Deleting folder or file
    Martin Krag, Mar 30, 2011
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