Deleted profiles now users cannot save new profiles on W2K3 server

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by AllenM, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. AllenM

    AllenM Guest

    I had some issues that may have been caused by corrupt profiles. I followed
    a KB that suggested I delete the profiles and have a new ones recreated at
    next login. Not knowing which one was the suspect I deleted them all and
    saved the users desktop to another network location. When the users logged
    on again they copied all the icons and shortcuts back to the new desktop
    profile. Now when a user exits it doesn't save the new desktop settings.
    they get an error message that reads something like "you do not have
    appropriate access so it can't the priofile so it's using a temporary
    profile and all changes will be lost".
    AllenM, Jan 27, 2006
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  2. AllenM

    AllenM Guest

    I forgot to note that these users are remote users who use Citrix to
    terminal in to the server desktop which runs as a published application.
    AllenM, Jan 27, 2006
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