Dell Precision 670 slow frame rates with several video cards

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by David Manvell, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Reposting this to a couple forums:

    I've had a Dell Precision 670 for several years now. It originally came with
    a NVIDIA Quadro 3450 video card which died twice so I switched it out with a
    NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GT OC. 512MB ram on the Geforce. My system performance
    improved greatly. Pretty much running 15-30 frames per second in World of
    Warcraft at 1920x1200 mode with all settings on high.

    I wanted to get a better frame rate so ordered a EVGA 9800 GX2 card but saw
    no difference. EVGA said it 'may' be because that card is actually two video
    cards in one and split between the two monitors it's specs are actually half
    of what's on the box so my original card may actually be better. So I went
    and got a BFG GTX 260. No change in the performance at all. Still seeing
    15-35 FPS on WoW.

    BFG is confused. They are saying I should be seeing 60-90 FPS minimum with
    that card on WoW and several posts I've seen show that should be the case as
    well. I have tried reinstalling WoW and of course have tried every driver
    EVGA, BFG or NVIDIA have with no success.

    System specs:

    Dell Precision 670
    2 XEON CPUs 3.2 Ghz each (2 logical processors each for a total of 4 CPUs
    each at 3.2Ghz).
    6 Gigs ram. (2+2+1+1). DDR2-400 Registered ECC Memory Modules
    2 SCSI drives (15.5K speed)
    Vista Ultimate x64.
    PCI Express 1.0
    24" and 20" really nice Dell monitors :)

    BFG is under the impression I should of been seeing higher frame rates with
    everyone of those video cards. and blazing fast frame rates on the 260. They
    suspect something is bottle necking somewhere but we can't figure out what.

    Video card has been replaced, no change. Drivers all up to date, no change.
    I tried removing some of the ram to make sure I did not have un matched ram
    some how, no change.

    Short of reinstalling Vista, they have run out of ideas. I did reinstall
    WoW, no change.

    Virus checkers, windows defender, indexing, spyware all turned off.

    I know some computers will run in some sort of memory burst mode if you fill
    up all the RAM slots, will this Dell precision 670 do that?

    One person suggested the memory being ECC type may be slower and not able to
    handle the speeds required. Can the memory speed or type be upgraded? Any
    other suggestions?
    David Manvell, Oct 22, 2008
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  2. David Manvell

    Andy [YaYa] Guest

    First of all, DON'T cross post on Usenet. I know this is basically
    Microsoft's own private Usenet, but don't do it. It's rude.

    Taken from "Usenet Organization and Etiquette":
    Avoid excessive cross-posting (posting the same message to more than one
    group). In most cases, it's best to avoid cross-posting altogether. Pick
    the group which is most appropriate for your posting and use that one.
    Cross-posting to a huge number of groups is called "spamming", and it is
    universally despised.
    I don't know, are the drives Striped, Mirrored, or seperate? Where's
    your swap file? Defragged? 6 Gigs of ram, so you're running Vista 64?
    Try running on Windows XP? 32-bit?

    Try CPU affinity to use just 1 core in WoW?

    I like to tell people a few things about WoW.

    1. The reason there's 10 million + players in WoW is because there are
    10 million computers that can run WoW. Just like the reason Crysis only
    sold 50,000 copies is because there's only 50,000 computers that can run

    2. WoW will run on a toaster (P3 800Mhz I think is the minimum
    requirements, and I've tried it, you can raid on that setup)

    If you want to test the capibilities of your system in gaming, try - download the latest 3d benchmark (it's
    free), and run it with your old card, then switch to the new card and
    try it again.

    You should see a score increase. Do some comparisons, maybe WoW has an
    issue with Xeon CPUs, BFG probably won't know this, but maybe you can
    contact Blizzard for answers. I mean they wrote the software after all.

    your computer is designed for engineering, maybe there's something to
    Andy [YaYa], Oct 22, 2008
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  3. David Manvell

    Snidley W. Guest

    Tell "YaYa" to f***off fast and furiously, David. We don't mind
    cross-posting here. In fact, we encourage it over it's
    least-preferred option: multi-posting.
    Snidley W., Oct 22, 2008
  4. David Manvell

    Snidley W. Guest

    You're a moron, YaYa. We don't mind cross-posting here. But we DO
    mind morons.
    Snidley W., Oct 22, 2008
  5. David Manvell

    Andy [YaYa] Guest

    At least I offered advice. What have you idiots contributed to this group?
    Andy [YaYa], Oct 23, 2008
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