Dell refuses to upgrade MCE 2004 to 2005

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by G, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. G

    G Guest

    I just read this on Dell's Media Cenetr 2005 webpage:

    In our continuing effort to give our customers the very best possible
    customer experience, we are not offering an upgrade from Media Center 2004 to
    Media Center 2005, since we cannot be sure that every customer has the proper
    hardware required to run Media Center 2005 optimally. If you want Media
    Center 2005, we recommend you consider upgrading to one of Dell's newest
    DimensionTM system that has Media Center 2005 preinstalled so you can enjoy
    all the new features in the best possible way.

    Way to go Dell, I will never buy another Dell again or reccomend them to
    anyone again. I just paid 2K for my computer two months ago and I am sure
    that Dell knew that 2005 was coming out and they would not upgrade 2004
    users. That is cheating the customer in my book.
    G, Nov 11, 2004
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  2. G

    Gregory Guest

    When Windows XP was released in October 2001, Dell refused to upgrade the
    drivers for my laptop and suggested that I buy a new laptop. My computer was
    only a year old at the time and I was not prepared to buy a new one. I was
    without a CD/RW drive for a year as a result. I will never buy another Dell
    computer ever again.
    Gregory, Nov 11, 2004
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  3. G

    Guest Guest

    Gateway says the same thing!
    Guest, Nov 11, 2004
  4. G

    miklsobe Guest

    If you think Dell is bad, Toshiba takes the award, since i purchased my
    almost $4,000 Windows MCE, they replaced my DVD slim drive 4 time for no
    reason, since i tried to tell their idioit support personel that I was
    experiencing other problems too that maybe htere was some coration, but their
    reply was lets take care of one problem at a time,my iLink 1394 adapter
    stoped working shortly after purchase, after investing that issue to death, i
    gave up using my usb 2.0 functionality for everything except digital capture
    from camcorders. Since the software manufactors require the 1394, except
    for Pixela(Japan) will accept it for the lower ratede mpeg 1 for vcd, my
    money is on the Japanise by the way, to excell in this area. Then in about
    the 10 month period the hard drive failed, and lost all my data, when it was
    returned to me the 1394 still was not working, Leting that go again, 2
    months later DVD failure again, it now was under extended warantee, not
    Toshiba's, I conviced the repair center suporvisor that I thought it was
    deffinetly a electical not software which is what suppprt tried to get me to
    do a comkplete system reinstall, which was now up to 3 times, we got them to
    check the mother board and of course was the problem from the
    beginning....but back to the main beef... Toshiba has also decided not provde
    us the ability to upgrade to 2005. The reason I"m replying to you is
    question if u have refered it to Microsofts site for trying to pursuade these
    manufactors to reconsider their stance and come out with the update. Refeing
    to site,
    what gets me is when you quote Dell's solution of purchasing a new PC, I did
    an inquirey to Toshiba on thier upgrade program, my current out of date pc(14
    months old) would credit me $700 towards the purchase of a new 2005 MCE
    computer. I would have it bronzed first to remind me to pursuade anyone
    going to purcase any new pc or products to stay away from Toshiba PS: this
    was the abridged version of my dealings with.....
    miklsobe, Nov 11, 2004
  5. G

    miklsobe Guest

    Dell isn't on the same planet as Toshiba when it comes to customer service,
    they have none! But that's a long story. and u don't want to get me started
    on that, but I easy stupid enough to spend chose to $4000 on Toshiba's 14
    month old Windows MCE Satellite. But the reason I’m repaying was to see if
    you have sought Microsoft’s help via webpage:,
    To persuade this pc manufactures to provide us with the ability to buy the
    2005 upgrade. As with anything the more complaints receded always gets the
    priority, the squeaky wheel syndrome. I’ll be watching for other's reaction.
    To me this is totally unacceptable on many levels, and not exclusive to the
    accountability of just the pc manufactures. My feelings are that this was
    misleading and possibly criminal, false sales promotions..
    Well I hope this is not the end of this saga, Mike
    miklsobe, Nov 11, 2004
  6. G

    Bob Guest

    G, I encountered a very similar problem with Dell. I bought a Media Center
    computer from them on October 5, 2004 -- yep, just one week before they
    released the 2005 version of MCE! I learned about the new version of MCE a
    few days later (i.e., a day after the return deadline...), and attempted to
    request an upgrade CD.

    It took me a while to find someone who was competent to address the issue,
    because the 2005 version was so new. Ultimately, as you did, I learned that
    the hardware on my computer was incompatible with the 2005 software.

    That said, Dell did ultimately resolve the problem to my satisfaction: I
    contacted Customer Care, explained the situation, and asked to exchange my
    computer for the exact same computer but with the 2005 version of MCE. They
    did it without a problem. In fact, they even arranged for and paid for my
    return shipping. I received my new computer a few days ago, and everything
    is honkey dorey.

    Bottom line: Have you contacted Customer Care and asked for an exchange? It
    has only been a couple of months, and under the circumstances, they might
    still be willing to exchange the computer. You might give it a shot.
    Couldn't hurt.

    Best of luck.
    Bob, Nov 11, 2004
  7. G

    G Guest

    Three weeks ago I spoke to customer care and they told me that they would
    take it back but they would charge $450 to do so. They said that since the
    computer was past there grace period for returns that it has "lost some value
    and they need to be re-imbursed". That is the last time I ever but Dell
    again. I am thinking of trying to talk to a supervisor there but it would
    take three hours and I would be transferred all over India before I got one.
    G, Nov 11, 2004
  8. G

    Bob Guest

    I feel your pain. I really do. We don't have a landline telephone at home,
    so I probably used all 800 of my wireless minutes last month to resolve my

    I still like your chances. If I were you, I would call back and try again.
    You could tell them that you began your quest to resolve the issue BEFORE the
    "grace period" expired, so Dell shouldn't penalize you $450 because THEY
    couldn't resolve the issue in time. It might indeed take some time -- and
    yes, it might behoove you to call during regular TX business hours, and you
    might need to talk to a manager. But I ultimately like your chances. The
    "process" is cumbersome and frustrating, but ultimately, I got the sense that
    Dell wanted me to be happy with my purchase.

    Again, good luck.
    Bob, Nov 11, 2004
  9. G

    RPerkins Guest

    I sent the original post. To clarify, I was not referring to a FREE upgrade,
    but to any support for an upgrade. I understand the possibility that
    hardware may be the limitation, but Dell needs to do two things:
    1. Place a web notice in their "Upgrades" link that describes their policy
    and reasoning; and
    2. Specify the hardware requirements that might be necessary -- and the
    warranty implications -- if a customer wants to proceed with an upgrade.

    I was more annoyed about the runaround than about the eventual answer I got.

    RPerkins, Jan 10, 2005
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