Dell XPS 410 Internal Floopy Drive not working with Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by RJT, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. RJT

    RJT Guest

    I have a new computer with Vista home premium and an internal modem that
    doesn't work. Dell has struggled with their software and have replaced the
    Floppy but still doesn't work. The "fix" of an external floppy works fine.
    Has anyone else had this problem and came up with a fix?
    Thanks a lot.
    RJT, Apr 7, 2007
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  2. RJT

    Rick Rogers Guest


    Floppy or modem? They are two different things entirely and rely on
    different means of interaction with the operating system. A modem uses
    software driver files whereas the floppy drive uses the system bios to
    communicate - which is it? For the modem you need Vista supported device
    drivers for it to work (and in the case of x64 these need to be signed
    drivers). For the floppy, the bios may be misconfigured or require a new set
    of instructions.

    Best of Luck,

    Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP
    Windows help -
    Rick Rogers, Apr 7, 2007
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  3. RJT

    RJT Guest

    Sorry it's an internal floppy drive. I screwed up talking about a modem. Sorry.
    RJT, Apr 7, 2007
  4. RJT

    Rick Rogers Guest


    Ok, then my first steps would be to reseat cabling (data and power - want to
    make sure that latter one isn't in backwards either, a common mistake) and
    also make sure that the BIOS is set for the correct mode.

    Best of Luck,

    Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP
    Windows help -
    Rick Rogers, Apr 7, 2007
  5. RJT

    RJT Guest

    Ok I did that and internal floppy still not working but external floppy is.
    Both drives show up in my computer along with all the other drives but in
    disk manager neither floppy is detected. Any suggestions on how to get
    internal floppy (Drive A) to work. Again External floppy (Drive B) does work.
    Its just frustrating.

    RJT, Apr 9, 2007
  6. RJT

    Don Guest

    No, floppy drives don't show up in the Disk Manager.
    When you reboot the machine, does the internal floppy light up
    and do its little seek dance as it should? If not, you may have
    the data cable reversed like I always do.
    Don, Apr 9, 2007
  7. RJT

    Rick Rogers Guest

    Hi Dick,

    As Don stated, it's Device Manager, not Disk Manager that you should be

    Best of Luck,

    Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP
    Windows help -

    Rick Rogers, Apr 9, 2007
  8. RJT

    Kathleen Guest

    I have a question about floppy drives and Vista. I just got my PC loaded
    with Vista Home Premium a week ago. The last computer that I owned had a
    floppy drive built right in and I didn't have to worry about it being
    compatible. I've looked all over the Internet for an external floppy disk
    drive that supports Vista. They all seem to stop at Windows XP. Are there
    any floppy drives out there that support Vista? I have a ton of disks with
    lots of files on them. If I can't find one, those files are no good to me.
    Kathleen, Jun 24, 2007
  9. RJT

    R. McCarty Guest

    Any External USB connected Floppy will be compatible with Vista.
    I have a Sony USB floppy and it works fine. You probably want to
    transfer (permanently) off the floppy diskettes. Head alignment is a
    common issue and sometimes disks that worked OK in one drive
    may not be readable in another. I've USB floppy drives as low as
    $20 or less.
    R. McCarty, Jun 25, 2007
  10. Hi Kathleen

    It's always good to look for hardware which is specifically supported for
    Vista by the manufacturer.

    But USB floppy drives are fairly generic devices, so quite low-risk for
    compatibility. As long as they identify themselves as a USB floppy drive,
    they should "just work". Vista has built-in drivers to support USB floppy
    drives. Vista should automatically recognise such a device when you plug it

    I use an Imation floppy drive (see For me,
    this has worked perfectly under Vista - I just pluged it in then started
    reading and writing floppy disks. The Imation drive is actually a rebadged
    Mitsumi drive, many other "manufacturers" also just put their label on a
    Mitsumi drive and sell it as an "Acme USB Floppy" or whatever. So any drive
    you buy, which is a Mitsumi drive inside, is likely to work with Vista.

    Be more cautious with drives which also include built-in memory card
    readers - some of these require hardware drivers supplied by the
    manufacturer, so the chances of compatibility (while still reasonable) are
    much lower, unless the manufacturer explicitly supports Vista.
    As a side-note, you might want to think about changing to a USB Flash Key as
    movable storage - even an ultra-cheap 64MB key can hold the equivalent 50
    floppy disks at a time. And the Flash memory is far more robust, and less
    vulnerable to mechanical damage, than floppy disks (in fact compared to the
    relibility of CPU, memory, hard disk etc, floppies are one of the most
    fragile and unreliable components in the computer - which is why new
    computers don't have them!) Copy all your floppy disks onto your hard disk
    (where they will be more safely stored), then when you need to take some of
    the files to and from work or school, just copy them onto your USB Flash

    Hope it helps,
    Andrew McLaren, Jun 25, 2007
  11. RJT

    Kathleen Guest

    Hi Andrew,

    Thank you so much. So, I've been worrying all for nothing. Oh well, I
    guess it's best to ask than be sorry later. Thanks again Andrew, you've been
    a big help.
    Kathleen, Jun 26, 2007
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