Dell XPS 600 Nvidia Chipsets NOT Vista Compatable

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Johnthomas334, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. I have a XPS 600 Non-Raid 3.4gh computer with 2GB memory and a single
    My BIOS version is A09, DXG051.

    I spent two days with Dell trying to figure out an install problem
    which started because of a vista business upgrade. Vista installed
    fine, but I could not connect to any Microsoft update sites, or Dell
    sites. I could not connect to live messenger either. Also, I was
    getting allot of file save errors on my company network, especially in
    excel. I notice allot of temp files were created where I was trying to
    save the files. I figured the install must have gone wrong.

    I figured I would try a cleaner install of the vista update. So did a
    clean install of XP Pro, and on reinstallation of XP, I would get to
    all the way though the installation, and on first boot, blue screen of
    death. Error 0X0000007B.

    Well I called dell, and after several more attempts with same
    installation, the representative figured out that I needed a drive
    controller installed at the F6 prompt in the XP install. That fixed
    the reinstallation of XP issue.

    So I reinstalled VISTA, and guess what? SAME PROBLEM. Network issues.
    The Dell representative even told me that I may have problems with
    Vista, because the Nvidia chipset in Dell XPS 600 's are NOT
    compatible with VISTA.

    I am hoping that someone has an answer for me.
    Johnthomas334, Feb 5, 2007
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  2. Johnthomas334

    Emory Tech Guest

    Most of the time those dell technicians dont know what they are doing. The
    only nvidia chipsets that arent vista compatible are the nforce2s and even
    then you can still do a install of vista. I know this because I have an
    nforce2 board. I would check the the network card and find drivers
    specifically from that manufacture of that card instead of using the dell
    Emory Tech, Feb 5, 2007
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  3. Wel I did run compatability tests, and everything passed (If it didnt
    pass anything, I would not have upgraded), but I can tell you that
    there is a definite problem with my chipset, and neither Nvidia or
    Dell have a solution. I did get the latest greatest drivers, and
    nothing has helped. I even bought a new PCI NIC card, and disabled all
    onboard integrated NIC and 1334 references in the BIOS.

    For those looking, let me highlight the problems again for easy word
    search in google:

    Upgrade problems from XP SP2 to Vista Business
    Cannot access windows update after vista upgrade Error 0x000007b
    Cannot get Messenger Live to work
    Cannot access some websites after vista upgrade(Dell, Mircosoft, MSN),
    but some sites are no problem (Google, Nvidia)
    Nvidia chip set Dell XPS 600 Vista upgrade problems
    A09 Bios

    I will post when I get more infromation
    Johnthomas334, Feb 6, 2007
  4. Johnthomas334

    JW Guest

    If you are can get to some Websites and not all then the Security Settings
    in IE7 or in Defender are what is causing you a problem not the NIC card or
    its drivers.
    JW, Feb 6, 2007
  5. Johnthomas334

    Kerry Brown Guest

    Many motherboards with nforce chipsets with SATA controllers are
    experiencing this problem. They need a BIOS update. The update can only come
    from from the manufacturer of the motherboard, in this case Dell. A search
    for the problem reveals many hits with few fixes other than a BIOS update.
    Kerry Brown, Feb 6, 2007
  6. Johnthomas334

    RGBean Guest

    I also have a XPS 600, with a Raid controller, but I'm running three
    separate SATA drives, 4GB memory, 2 SLI nVidia 7800 GTX video cards, and SB
    X-Fi soundcard. I did a clean install of Vista Ultimate, and the only
    problems I'm having, is the drives appear to be SCSI drives, so I can't get
    any S.M.A.R.T. information, and because of the SLI capability, it will only
    recognize 2GB RAM. The Dell rep I chatted with said the first problem may be
    fixed once nVidia comes out with Vista drivers for the MoBo, but the second
    is a built in limitation on ANY 32-bit OS. Note: I did the install on BIOS
    A09, but have updated to A11, but it didn't fix (or hurt) anything that I
    can tell.


    I'm only
    RGBean, Feb 6, 2007
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