Deploying and image that is slightly larger than partition.

Discussion in 'Server Setup' started by Tim Net, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Tim Net

    Tim Net Guest

    I have two images that represent partition 1 and 2(C:\ and D:\) for my OS.
    They were captured from a Seagate 18 GB drive.

    I cannot deploy the second partition because many of the targets have
    sliiiightly smaller Seagate drives. The difference of a few sectors means
    that I get no image at all, even though the D:\ partition is mainly unused.

    Ghost has no problem dynamically sizing the second volume to consume the
    free space.

    Is there any way to mount and modify the image on the ADS machine to account
    for this slight change?
    Why does ADS not dynamically allocate the remaining space on a partition?
    I tried modifying the numberclusters and partition length in the
    imagevariables table, but that didn't help.
    Do I need to rebuild the drives on the Gold image to use dynamic volumes?

    What is the best solution from your exprience?


    Tim Net, Jan 6, 2004
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