design BUG- cannot recognize old partitions, if partitions were added/changed/deleted under another

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by George Valkov, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Windows will not rocognize an NTFS partition if partitions located before
    the NTFS partition were added, removed or changed from another operating

    Suppose I have a hard-disk.
    Under windows I create an empty partition (reserved space for future Linux
    installation). Then another partition: NTFS and assign it to use letter D:.
    Now you can delete the empty partition if you like (either under windows or
    under Linux - it doesn`t matter).
    When I install Linux, I delete the empty partition and create a Linux one.
    Back to windows, I have to reassign the drive letter for the above NTFS

    Let`s say that the same NTFS partition (D:) is where windows is installed.
    After adding a Linux partition, windows will not recognise it`s own
    partition. Durring the logon, there will be a delay, then windows will
    assign some drive letter (say C: E: or another, but in most cases not the
    correct old one). Logon will fail and user is logged out. If you use
    auto-logon, you will see that the system logs on and then out repeatedly.

    At that point the only thing you can do is attach the HDD to a working
    windows installation, load the SYSTEM registry hive, and then uder:
    MountedDevices, fix the assigned drive letter to the original one.

    This is a big problem, because most people does not know how to deal with
    it. They will say: "Linux damaged my windows" and reinstall windows, when
    actually this is a design bug in windows. Linux just created a partition
    before the windows` one exploiting the design bug.

    Every NTFS partition has a label and serial number. You can always recognise
    it by the serial number.

    Last example: let`s say we have some partition that boots windows. I create
    a backup of it using ntbackup.exe

    For some reason, I decide to reformat the partition under another windows
    and then restore the fresh backup to it. Now windows cannot regognise the
    partition, because the serial number is changed. Windows will fail the same
    way as in 2/. At that point, when there is no matching partition with the
    old serial number, the best thing windows can do to fix the mess is: first
    it should remember it`s drive letter; then it should assign it to the
    partition that contains it`s windows directory. This is also the best
    solution for 2/.
    George Valkov, Nov 1, 2006
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