Desktop file locks up & hangs w/ "not responding" message when ope

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by nyc79, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. nyc79

    nyc79 Guest

    I have a shortcut on my desktop for a My Book external hard drive (F:), which
    opens all the saved files on it (i.e., pictures, music and videos). It has
    worked fine up until recently.

    When I click on it now, it opens partially (you can see the bottom and side
    scroll bars), but then it hangs and i get the message "not responding". i get
    the usual 3 options to close the program, wait for it to respond, or restart.

    it doesn't respond, if i click restart it just takes me back to the desktop,
    and the same thing happens when i choose to close it. when i hooked up the
    external drive to a different computer which had XP, the file opened fine
    with no hanging problems.

    i have tried everything at this point:
    changing the USB cable to a new one, trying a firewire cable, checked to see
    if every single driver on my computer needed updating, did a disk check &
    defragment for the external drive (which actually got it to open once, but
    then it didn't respond again), as well as a disk check and defragment for the
    hard drive, checked for viruses (none), and system restore.
    none of these seemed to work.

    what i did notice yesterday though, is that if i tried to search for a file
    (such as a certain photo album) on that external drive (F:) by clicking the
    start button and under "start search" putiing in the name of the photo album,
    the file opened and all the pictures came up.

    but when i clicked the F: drive icon on the side bar with all the files to
    see if i could open it from there, i got the same "not responding error".

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    nyc79, Feb 26, 2010
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