Desktop Icons scambled using Remote Desktop

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by zarbiker, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. zarbiker

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    When I use Vista on one of my networked PC's to remote into another one
    of my Vista PC's using Remote Desktop the desktop Icons of the remote PC are
    rearranged/scrambled after the session ends. There are quite a number of
    Icons arranged for easy access to frequently accessed programs, URLs, disk
    locations, etc. Having them scrambled each time I connect with RDC is quite
    a time waster. After performing some searches on the internet for people
    having the same problem I found that a number of Vista users had similar
    complaints and it seemed related to a discrepancy in the monitor resolution
    of the local and remote PC's. The monitor resolutions on my local and my
    remote PC's are, in fact, different. The screen resolution of my remote is
    larger than that of the local. I found one person who claimed that tailoring
    the RDP connection specification file to force a certain screen resolution
    behavior might help. It sounded reasonable, I tried it and it failed.
    Has anyone experienced this problem and, if so, do they have a solution.
    If not, then as a circumvention, I would be happy to utilize whatever feature
    Vista may have that lets you save/restore a desktop layout (if there is one).

    zarbiker, Oct 2, 2008
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  2. Create an .rdp file using 1024x768 as the resolution. Save it then edit the
    file using Notepad and set the resolution to whatever your real desktop size
    is, ie. 1280x1024 or whatever. The parameters to modify are the desktopwidth
    and desktopheight parameters. Save the modified .rdp file then click on the
    file to start the session with the modified resolution.

    Here is a snippet of an .rdp file for my desktop as an illustration...This
    file is on my laptop client...

    screen mode id:i:1

    That example works for me where a desktop PC uses 1152x864 while my client
    laptop only does 1024x768...

    There are also some free icon position save and restore utilities out there.
    Here is one as an example.


    Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows – Desktop User Experience)

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    mutual benefit of all of us...
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    How to ask a question
    Sooner Al [MVP], Oct 2, 2008
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