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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by JamesJ, May 6, 2009.

  1. JamesJ

    JamesJ Guest

    An odd thing occurred on my desktop and was wondering if
    anyone else has experienced it.
    While I was in Windows Mail I double clicked a message in a
    news group and nothing happened. The mouse pointer was
    sluggish but I managed to get to the close button and closed it.
    Then on my desktop appeared 2 windows without borders. One had
    my desktop wallpaper and the other was a blank blue background
    with the name a program I had open but minimized to the task bar. Weird.
    I went to right click the taskbar and click Task Manager but when I right
    clicked the windows vanished.
    I can remember a while back when all of a sudden my desktop was filled
    with several windows one behind the other.
    My scans for Viruses came up negative and my system seems to be running
    very well.

    Any ideas?
    JamesJ, May 6, 2009
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  2. JamesJ

    inc2000 Guest

    windows does that at times...examples ..bad links on websites....more
    than one attachment in emails..clickn too many times. it happens - i
    just exit out and try again.
    inc2000, May 6, 2009
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  3. JamesJ

    Woody Guest

    Look for an icon in the task bar called 'Switch Between Windows" and click
    on it. Is that what you are seeing?
    Woody, May 7, 2009
  4. JamesJ

    JamesJ Guest

    Not even close.


    JamesJ, May 7, 2009
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