Destination Folder Access Denied

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by MarshMan, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. MarshMan

    MarshMan Guest

    Server - Windows Server 2003 fully patched.
    Workstation - Windows Vista Ultimate w/Office 2007 fully patched

    Under "Active Directory Users and Computers" | User Object Properties |
    Profile tab | Home Folder - I have connected G: to \\server\users\username
    share on said server. In addition all users have an I: drive mapped to a
    public folder and everyone has full control over this I: drive via global
    group memebership.
    On workstations I right mouse the My Documents folder and move the location
    to said G: drive.
    This works perfectly for me in a XP/Windows Server 2003 environment

    After giving one of my users a new machine running Vista (said workstation
    above) and applying My Documents location change stated above I recieve the
    DFAD message whenever I try to perform any of the following on the G: drive:

    - rename a new folder from "New Folder" to "whatever"...I can create a new
    folder however I can't rename it after it gets created.
    - edit an existing document on the G: drive...I can open it but I can't
    save it after modifying.

    things I can do:
    - I can create a new folder on my desktop and name it what I want and then
    copy that folder from my desktop to the G: drive.
    - I can also copy files from my G: drive to desktop and edit them and then
    copy them back to the G: drive, I just can't edit directly off the G: drive.
    - this is the killer, I can work no problem off the I: drive...these are
    permissions granted to users via membership in a global group that I setup
    when I installed the server. I can't help but wonder if the missing link
    here isn't with the permissions that AD granted the users when it created the
    Home Folders as those permissions are granted automatically.

    Please don't redirect me to a like thread that has no answers as I've been
    chasing those all day and still feel the need to start this thread...I'm
    looking for answers not peers.

    Thanks much
    MarshMan, Jul 27, 2007
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