Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by leadermaster, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. leadermaster

    leadermaster Guest

    Hello Murray,

    Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Service.

    I understand from your e-mail that you are receiving an error message when
    you click the sidebar shortcut icon from the desktop.

    As your issue is technical in nature, I can direct you to your support
    options which include Self-Help Resources and Assisted Support. You may try
    to resolve the problem on your own using the no-charge self-help resources
    listed below. However, if you prefer assistance from a Microsoft Support
    Professional, please choose the Assisted Support option mentioned below.

    Assisted Support:

    You may work with a Microsoft Support Professional via e-mail, telephone,
    and for some products, chat to resolve your issue. Depending on how you
    obtained your software, there may be fees to use the Assisted Support option.
    Please visit the following link to select the copy of Windows you are using
    in your computer and to contact the Support Team:

    If Microsoft software was pre-installed on your computer, please contact
    your computer manufacturer directly. Contact information for most major
    computer manufacturers is available at:

    Self-Help Resources:

    You may search the Product Solution Center or the Knowledge Base of
    self-help articles to resolve your issue using the following link:

    You may also post your issue in the Microsoft news groups. Please visit the
    link below to look for a possible resolution:

    I hope the issue is resolved soon and appreciate your patience in this regard.

    Thank you,


    Microsoft Customer Service Representative

    If you have any feedback about your Customer Service experience, please send
    them to my manager, Himadri Roy, at
    Please do not forget to indicate the name of my manager in the subject field.


    --- Original Message ---
    From :
    Sent : 04 January 2008 15:28:31 UTC
    To :
    Subject : Destinations.msi

    Country/Region: Canada

    Problem Area: genuinefdbk
    Message: No website adress.From desktop shortcut icon "Sidebar"on desktop.I
    click the "Sidebar" shortcut icon expecting the Sidebar to appear normally
    but a message "Please wait while windows configures Destinations" appears
    then another message appears that says "The feature you are trying to use is
    on a network resource that is unavailable"."Click OK to try again,or enter an
    alternate path to a folder containing the installation
    package'Destinations.msi' in the box below"."Use
    " That is the only source in the dropdown list.I can only red X this message
    then a message appears "An installation package for the product Destinations
    cannot be found.Try the installation again using a valid copy of the
    installation package 'Destinations.msi'. I click "OK" and the sidebar appears
    normally.That is it.I cleaned the registry with a tool by Uniblue and it must
    have erased Destinations.msi.I need Microsoft to help me reinstall
    Destinations.msi permanently and to make available a fix and a download of
    Destinations.msi because I can not find it to download from Microsoft.Thank
    You.Murray Geddes.
    leadermaster, Jan 4, 2008
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  2. leadermaster

    Rick Rogers Guest


    God I hate registry cleaners and the damage they do under the misleading
    guise of cleaning something that does not need to be cleaned. Click start
    and type regedit, then hit <enter>. Expand the branches to reach:


    Click on the sidebar.exe key, then double click the default value in the
    right pane, check to see that the value here is:

    "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe"

    If it isn't, replace the contents with the above. See if this helps. If not,
    then the problem is in one of the gadgets that is loading.
    Rick Rogers, Jan 5, 2008
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  3. leadermaster

    leadermaster Guest

    Nutcase,I did everything you suggested and "%ProgramFiles%\Windows
    Sidebar\sidebar.exe" is where it is supposed to be.I even replaced it with a
    copy of yours.No change regarding the problem.I considered the last
    suggestion of yours and made sure I had no gadgets in the sidebar.No
    change.So I believe the problem is that Destination.msi is missing.I can not
    find it but I have not searched the registry as I just learned how to do that
    by your suggestion re:sidebar.exe.I note the message:
    "An installation package for the product Destinations cannot be found.Try
    the installation again using a valid copy of the installation pakage
    'Destinations.msi'." My greatest question is where do I get a valid copy of
    this installation package?Do I download it and install it like all other
    downloads?Lastly how do I prevent it from being erased by my cleaner again? I
    have read a lot about this problem on the internet and I know that I am not
    the only person with Vista having this problem yet I have not read where they
    get 'Destinations.msi' to reinstall it in Vista after it has been erased by a
    cleaner.Thank you for your help.I posted this for Microsoft pros also and I
    think that they should step up to the plate not just an MVP like
    yourself.Leadermaster.Murray Geddes.
    leadermaster, Jan 6, 2008
  4. leadermaster

    Rick Rogers Guest

    Rick Rogers, Jan 6, 2008
  5. leadermaster

    leadermaster Guest

    Microsoft has no computer accessible Destination.msi for replaceplacement of
    the original Vista Destinations.msi .We are not Microsoft.For now
    Destinations.msi is a Vista problem that Microsoft can answer but chooses not
    to other than with Vista.I am certain that I write for all Vista users by
    saying make Destinations.msi available to us now to solve this problem or
    remove sidebar from Vista.Nutcase,we know that Destinations.msi is not our
    puplic program so all we the public can do is wait untill Microsoft allows us
    to download Destinations.msi.Thank You,Nutcase but it is Microsoft that is
    Nutcase not with Destinaions.msi not you or I.Thanks, Murray Geddes.
    leadermaster, Jan 6, 2008
  6. leadermaster

    leadermaster Guest

    I downloaded the Microsoft program" Windows Install Clean Up" progam and it
    only allows me to remove Destination.msi but it is specific about the the
    version:"(All Users) Destinations []".I am warned that if I
    remove this product from the list of products that I may need to reinstall it
    (exit now or uninstall or cleanup).I do not need to uninstall etc.
    Destinations [] I need to reinstall/install it because it is
    missing as I have been warned as I have previously wrote.I am going to make
    the assumption that what Microsoft is missing is the Windows Install
    Reinstall/Install program for Destinations [] and all programs
    listed in" Windows Install Clean Up" program.I have posted equally to
    Microsoft just as I have members of the Vista community MVP or not and though
    one MVP has tried his best I strongly suggest all Vista Community may reply
    to this post,not just one individual or another,but all of the Vista
    community because thi is a major flaw that we can remedy.Leadermaster.
    leadermaster, Jan 16, 2008
  7. leadermaster

    salix Guest

    hi there, i came aross this error tonight! i was uninstalling some hp
    all in one printer software from my lappy this evening with your
    uninstaller 2008.... which inturn uninstalled the Destinations.msi, it
    kept coming up saying i needed to insert the the cd ..... blah blah. and
    when i done a update on gom player ... which basicly reinstalls itself,
    the Destinations.msi error came up and did so on everything i tryed to
    install and uninstalled, so i got on the net and came across this post
    and many others!! i tryed the fix with no avail! i also started up
    windows sidebar .... which didnt work!! BUT i have seemed to fix this!!
    i was searching on my hard drive for Destinations.msi, but like many
    others didnt find! but i inserted the hp all in one printer software
    disc to see if i could find on there (because thats where all this
    trouble started!) and i did!! i reinstalled Destinations.msi and all is
    normal again, the sidebar works... no stupid Destinations.msi error!!
    not sure if this would help anyone? maybe i could upload it to someone
    to try? ive copyied it to my lappy, its a small file 631kb. excuse me as
    im abit of a noob!! my regards, salix :D
    salix, Jan 30, 2008
  8. leadermaster

    leadermaster Guest

    salix,leadermaster here.I removed all of the HP printer software that I had
    on my computer that has Vista Business and had to download it from HP because
    there is no "disc" only direct download from the HP website for my computer
    and lo and behold my destinations.msi problem was fixed.You may be a newbie
    but it worked! I next ran my same Uniblue company Powersuite software and
    restarted my computer and the problem was back exactly as it was when it
    first occured.So,salix we have a choice to make that to me is complex.It is
    that we do not have the HP Printer software that we must have remain intact
    on our computers with our use of Uniblue company Powersuite software remain
    intact or we uninstall Microsoft Corporation Vista Operating System Sidebar.I
    answer this as a CANADIAN computer owner and operator.There are three UNITED
    STATES OF AMERICA companies,Uniblue,HP.,Microsoft that together can solve
    this problem with the entire one eighth of the whole of the computer
    screen(s) that we view.Were I to remedy this give and take reality upon
    myself I will require that this ceases by the three businesses mentioned not
    us.They are capable of solving this problem that we are experiencing .Untill
    they do I have exactly the same messages on my other seven tenths of my
    computer screen and strongly suggest to the USA that you stop making computer
    software that we must have these couterproductive events occur for one
    eighth of computer screens immediately because I do not accept my choices as
    presented to me regarding you.Thank You.Murray Geddes.;
    leadermaster, Jan 31, 2008
  9. leadermaster

    salix Guest

    hi there murray, im glad i could help! i just hope that others can fix
    this error/flaw!? well thats my good deed for the day ticked off my
    list. all the best and my regards, salix :D
    salix, Jan 31, 2008
  10. leadermaster

    dimij Guest

    Hi friend!
    It seems that you have found the fix for that problem.
    The sure thing is that it has to do with software installation.
    the problem is that this destinations.msi is not to be foud in all
    installations cd's... at least not in the one that caused the trouble
    for me.
    I would be in your debt if you could point me to where I can find the
    file you mentioned to get this bloody destinations.msi
    thanks a million in advance
    dimij, Feb 29, 2008
  11. leadermaster

    DRTidwell Guest

    I have an HP printer. This is how I fixed the problem: Put printe
    software in CD; look in the CD program list; go to "setup" folder; go t
    the "Destinations" folder; right click the "Destinations.msi" file
    click "repair". It will load and then works fine
    DRTidwell, Jan 5, 2009
  12. leadermaster

    mygoose Guest

    mygoose, Jan 8, 2010
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