Device Executive showing error 'The procedure entry point msvcrt d

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by mehrotra001, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. mehrotra001

    mehrotra001 Guest

    As soon as I start computer and try 2 open any browser, I get message:
    Device.executive-Entry point not found with details as 'The procedure entry
    point_except_handler4_common could not be located in Dynamic link library
    Please suggest solution.
    With due regards,
    mehrotra001, Jun 15, 2010
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  2. What Operating System?

    If it's Windows XP, do a search for a file named "dwmapi.dll" on your

    If it exists, see the fix posted by Charles Koontz at the following site:

    Good luck,

    Donald Anadell
    Donald Anadell, Jun 15, 2010
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  3. mehrotra001

    guntur Guest

    mehrotra001 wrote on 06/15/2010 03:14 ET
    win xp sp3: start-setting-control panel-add and remove program: uninstal
    parser and delete msxml6.dll in system32 folder, than install msxml6 ve
    guntur, Nov 5, 2011
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