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Discussion in 'Server Migration' started by PeterP, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. PeterP

    PeterP Guest

    I like to maintain the original UNC paths of files for all the users after I
    ran the File Server Migration Tool to migrate the files from the old server
    (Windows 2000) to the new server (windows server 2003 R2). To my
    understanding, there are 4 phases in the FSMT, Setup, Copy, Finalize and
    Complete phases. During which phase of the migration should I run the DFS
    Consolidation Root Wizard? Try to min the down time for the servers.

    In the DFS Consolidation Root Wizard doc. it mention the source server must
    be renamed prior to running the wizard to allow the DFS root server to
    respond to requests from clients to access the original server names. I am
    afraid after I rename the source server, users will not able to access their
    files anymore until the whole process of migration completed. Am I right or

    Thank you
    PeterP, Aug 14, 2006
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  2. Hi,

    Actually, when you create a new project in FSMT, it will ask you to launch
    DFS consolidation wizards.

    There are 2 time windows when the access is down:
    1. rename old servers and set up the roots using FSMT - depending on the
    number of servers can take 10-30 min (basically, NT reboot time + run
    Consolidation Roots Wizard)

    2. When the data is copied, turn off the access to shared and do the final
    pass re-copy the changed data if any, and sync up ACLs. This could take a
    few hours depending on the number of files per share and the perf. of disks
    on the target machine.
    2a) It's a good idea to do one server (or share) in a first "pilot"
    to validate the downtime for this stage.
    2b) this time will be at least as long as the largest share will take, so
    to minimize this time you may want to split migration project in a few and
    separate the shares with largest number of files in a dedicated projects -
    this way downtime for other shares will be minimized

    Best regards,

    Vincent Xu
    Microsoft Online Partner Support

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    Vincent Xu [MSFT], Aug 15, 2006
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