DFS folder structure depth issue?

Discussion in 'File Systems' started by OU812, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. OU812

    OU812 Guest

    I recently implimented DFS on our domain:
    2003 DC's
    2003 domain and forest levels
    This is a domain DFS/DFSR setup.

    The machines actually hosting files and being accessed are 2008 servers with
    I dentical hardware and software. I have had zero replication issues and
    only a couple areas where I had not set security correctly, otherwise this
    has been a smooth transistion.

    Here is my current issue. I have Macintosh's and XP machines on site. Macs
    are accessing one of the 2008 servers directly as they cannot connect to a
    namespace, all my XP machines are going to a namespace.

    I have set the namespace to refer traffic to the same server as my macs
    access directly and use the second server as a failover.

    In the following path my Macs can open the files just fine (they are
    accessing directly), windows machines cannot (connecting to namespace).

    \\domainname.com\nas2\xxx_Files\clients\x_thru_x\xxx\SERVICE_AND_PARTS\CREATIVE\TEMPLATES\BYO_TEMPLATES_IN_PROGRESS\Intermittent\10985_BYO_Intermittent_Club_Prosp-Inact Folder\eBlast-Intermittent-Club-ProspInact_files\slices

    If I have my windows machines access the files directly - bypassing
    namespace and connecting to the server they can open the files.

    \\servername\xxx_Files\clients\x_thru_x\xxxx\SERVICE_AND_PARTS\CREATIVE\TEMPLATES\BYO_TEMPLATES_IN_PROGRESS\Intermittent\10985_BYO_Intermittent_Club_Prosp-Inact Folder\eBlast-Intermittent-Club-ProspInact_files\slices

    If I copy some of the folder structure to a different directory (logged into
    the server thus access directly), thus shortening the path, my PC's are able
    to open the files via namespace:

    \\namespace.com\nas2\xxx_Files\team\xxxx\Intermittent\10985_BYO_Intermittent_Club_Prosp-Inact Folder\eBlast-Intermittent-Club-ProspInact_files\slices

    It seems to me the folder depth is the issue but I have not been able to
    find any documentation to support this hypothesis.

    Help please
    OU812, Mar 24, 2010
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  2. Danny Sanders, Mar 24, 2010
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  3. OU812

    OU812 Guest

    I solved my own problem.

    Ultimately the issue comes down to number of characters in filename/path

    \\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com\nas2 <--- Namespace
    \\xxxxxxx\ <-- connecting directly to server
    Removed enough characters from the path to bring it under 255 characters.

    As a test I then connected using the fully qualified servername and I was
    again over 255 and the files could not be opened.

    Hope this helps somebody sometime.
    OU812, Mar 24, 2010
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