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Discussion in 'File Systems' started by Berlin142, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Berlin142

    Berlin142 Guest

    I just have an interesting problem: In a branch office scenario with a
    centralized data center (DC) we have a DFS running, where all file data will
    be replicated to the DC for backup purposes. Now we need to exclude some
    bbranch offices (soled) to a new company and also to a new network. They will
    still work in the same manner like before.
    We create the new file system and the DFS. But how I can migrate the data now?
    Option1 : Perform a migration in the DC and replicate the data back. Because
    we have up to 3.5 TB in the branches and only bandwidth for replication by ~2
    MBit (QOS), this solution is not really feasible.
    Option 2: Migrate the data locally, so that the user can still work with the
    data and replicate the data back to the DC. This seems to be a little bit
    better for the business continuity, ut we still have the replication issue to
    transfer TB of data over the WAN (location are spread up to 2.500 km outside
    from the DC).

    The best option should be to add the data in the root (DC) and branches in
    prallel and re-sync both sides. But this seems not to work, every side claims
    the data complete and so it will replicate twice the whole content - even
    worst. Is there any option (like pre-staging e.g.) what can be used for a
    scenario like this? If not, I need to look for a complete other way (may be
    travelling with a server sround, but we have ~60 branches in focus :-( ).

    Berlin142, Mar 25, 2010
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  2. I just have an interesting problem: In a branch office scenario with a
    Does this mean that those "excluded" servers sold to a new company are going
    to be in a new donain or on a different subnet?

    To prestage the data you can either restore from backups or use a robocopy
    script to prestage the data on the hub server. Setup the replication group
    so the branch office is the primary and only the difference will be
    replicated to the hub server.

    Danny Sanders, Mar 25, 2010
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