DFS-R Ate My Files Again

Discussion in 'File Systems' started by Marc K, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Marc K

    Marc K Guest

    We have a file share set up with DFS-R providing replication from one server
    to another. The home server is running Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 and
    the remote server is running Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition.

    The other day, I noticed that almost the entire directory containing files
    that I had been working on the previous day were gone. I checked the event
    log on the remote server and noticed DFS-R entries stating that the files
    had been moved to the conflict and deleted folder shortly after I had left
    the office. Some files were lost because the size of the directory was
    larger than the 660MB quota.

    Now, I don't understand why this happened. My understanding is that if a
    file is modified on two servers, DFS-R will move one copy to the Conflict
    and Deleted folder and the then replicate the winner. This is not what
    happened. My files were removed from the home server without any events
    being added to the event log and moved to Conflict and Deleted on the remote
    server leaving me with nothing in the original location on both servers.

    This is the second time something like this has happened this year. We do
    keep backups, so it was not as disastrous as it could have been. How can I
    trust DFS-R when it just randomly decided to delete files like this?
    Marc K, Dec 9, 2009
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  2. Marc K

    DaveMills Guest

    DFSR does not sit happily with quotas. This is because there are some files no
    replicated link .tmp files. These count towards the quota so the replicated copy
    will have all the file except the .tmp files. It will therefore have free space
    to store new files. However the master copy (to call it something) may still
    have the .tmp file and be over quota. Hence replication fails.
    DaveMills, Dec 12, 2009
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  3. Marc K

    Marc K Guest


    Perhaps I mispsoke when I mentioned the 660MB quota. What I meant was that
    the area allocated for "Conflict and Deleted" is set to a maximum of 660MB.
    I myself do not have a quota that would have intereferred with the
    replication process.
    Marc K, Dec 15, 2009
  4. Marc K

    asifxali Guest

    I have the same problem, any ideas
    asifxali, Aug 16, 2012
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